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Investigate case of false Univision reporter who snuck into Kamala Harris conference in Mexico

Kamala Harris.

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The visit of Kamala Harris Mexico was marked by an unexpected controversy at a press conference when a woman who was mistakenly introduced as a Univision reporter questioned the vice president.

“I voted for you”Maria Fernanda Reyes said before asking Harris her question. The phrase caught the attention of the international press and unleashed a series of questions about the chain’s objectivity.

And it is that Reyes is not an employee of the Hispanic chain, according to her own version she arrived at the press conference room in a luxurious hotel in Mexico City, by chance and the vice president’s security was not able to detect her as a person outside the press.

“Our next question is from María Fernanda from Univision”, said a presenter, without the businesswoman clarifying that it was a mistake.

“Thank you, Madam Vice President. For me it is an honor because I went to vote for the first time as a naturalized citizen and I voted for you “he said to the amazement of those present.

The truth is that Univision does have a journalist named María Fernanda, but her last name is López.

“My name is María Fernanda LÓPEZ, I have never traveled to Mexico in my life. I was in Miami during the incident where a woman named María Fernanda REYES was presented by mistake as a Univision reporter, which is incorrect… “, clarified to Fox News the journalist.

Reyes was severely questioned by Maria Antonieta Collins from Univision Wednesday morning. She assured that it was all a mistake, as she was present at Kamala Harris’ meeting with businesswomen and after a network camera hit her on the head, she accompanied her team to the room.

The director of Univision news, Daniel Coronell, clarified what happened to the multiple reactions in Anglo-Saxon media such as New York Post.

“In Mexico, a person who has no association with @Univision claimed to be a reporter for @UniNoticias to ask @VP a question and pay @KamalaHarris a compliment. Let it be clear to everyone that Mrs. María Fernanda Reyes is not part of this means of communication ”.

The White House would be investigating the security breach that allowed Reyes to be present in the same room as Kamala Harris, without a royal press accreditation.

The vice president’s security deployment in Mexico included more than 21 vehicles, multiple agents from different US agencies, the police and the Mexican National Guard, and even so, a woman was able to sneak into the conference.

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