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Investigated for abandoning a puppy dog ​​with two broken legs in Alicante

The abandoned puppy with two broken legs.

The abandoned puppy with two broken legs.

The Alicante Civil Guard investigated a 20-year-old for abandoning the parking lot of a animal shelter to a puppy dog ​​with both front legs broken. The dog was abandoned after its adoption was rejected by the shelter, which urged the owner to take it to a clinic for treatment, according to the Civil Guard, which has charged the young man with a crime against flora, fauna and animals. domestic, in addition to proposing you for an administrative sanction.

According to the Civil Guard, “Roto”, As this five or six-month-old puppy was baptized by the animal shelter that took him in, it was abandoned on March 1 by its until then owner in the area reserved for car parking outside the shelter in Alicante. They called it “Broken” because its two front legs were fractured, preventing it from moving on its own.

The owner had presented himself there with the intention of leaving the animal to them because he had to urgently make a trip to Barcelona and could not take care of the puppy in that state. They suggested that he leave it in the care of someone he trusted while he returned. However, when he left there, he left it lying in the parking lot and disappeared without a trace.

The next day, the members of the shelter took him to a veterinary clinic in Alicante specialized in traumatology, where he underwent surgery.

On March 5, the shelter itself contacted the Nature Protection Service (Seprona) of the Civil Guard of Alicante, to denounce the abandonment and the injuries that the animal presented. Immediately, the agents began an investigation in order to verify the facts.

The investigators found that the dog had been treated in the first instance at a veterinary clinic in Elche, after fracturing its two front legs, apparently accidentally, and prior to its abandonment in the shelter’s parking lot. There they made an appointment with its owner to start the appropriate treatment for his recovery. But he never kept this appointment.

On the contrary, he took him to the shelter with the intention that they would be the ones to take care of his convalescence. But since they did not take him in, he abandoned him on the street. This, in addition to causing “Roto” an avoidable suffering, could have caused his death, since he could not even move. Fortunately, a woman leaving the facility after having an adoption noticed her presence and alerted staff.

The agents were also able to verify that the dog did not have a valid canine passport, lacking identification, and being unable to prove whether it had received the required vaccinations for its age.

After various inquiries, on March 9, the Civil Guard identified and located the alleged perpetrator, a 20-year-old young man of Spanish nationality. He has been investigated as the alleged perpetrator of a crime related to the protection of flora, fauna and domestic animals, due to abandonment of the animal. On March 17, the proceedings were made available to the Court of Instruction of Alicante.

Likewise, the agents have proposed it for an administrative sanction before the Alicante Town Hall, as its owner has not accredited the mandatory registration and vaccination of the animal.

Currently, “Roto” is recovering from injuries while finding a new home.

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