Tuesday, October 19

“Investing in prevention prepares workers for the correct performance of their tasks”

– Do you think that companies today are fully aware that the better the worker is, the better his daily work develops?

The challenge for companies today is to create conditions and a work environment in which employees feel safe, comfortable, valued and satisfied.

Satisfied workers are more motivated, more committed, they are more productive and with less accident rate.

It’s no secret that when a person is satisfied in their work, their desire to take on new responsibilities and the degree of commitment to the company increases.

– To what extent is it important to invest in security?

The difference between successful companies without accidents and companies without safety values only oriented to production, is that in the first one, people want to work and in the other, people have to work.

The implementation and integration of prevention increases the health and quality of life of workers, thus increasing commitment to the company.

A suitable work environment, and attention to people create a climate of trust that favors the motivation and satisfaction of workers.

Invest in prevention and training workers increases their potential, prepares them for the correct performance of their tasks and encourages creativity.

In case of not doing it and therefore suffer losses, these would initially be those related to the health of the workers, at the same time waste of time, products, assets, demotivation, lack of work efficiency, loss of market, of brand image and corresponding loss of customers among others.

– What factors or conditions affect workers the most (psychological, physical …)?

Depending on the sector, the activity and the position, the factors that affect the most are one or the other.

The most frequent physical risks in the workplace are among others: handling of loads, overexertion, noise, vibration, radiation, temperature and humidity, etc., which have an impact on industry, construction, agricultural, fishing, etc.

While the psychosocial factors although they can be present in all jobs, since they refer to those conditions present in a work situation that are directly related to the organization, the content of the work and the accomplishment of the task, and that have the capacity to affect both the well-being or health (physical, mental or social) of the worker and the development of work, the most representative coming from the position or job itself, is in sectors such as services, customer service, etc.

– Given the pandemic that we are experiencing, what needs or concerns have you detected in companies?

The health crisis caused by the covid-19 pandemic has triggered the business concern given the risks involved, on the one hand, the cessation of activity, the loss of jobs, the production and service difficulty, along with the problems of adapting to sanitary measures, spaces, protocols, new forms of organization, etc.

– What protocol does Segurlab follow when it has to go to a company to carry out one or more covid PCRs?

Prevention services have been called to cooperate with the health authorities in the early detection of all cases compatible with covid-19 and their contacts, to control transmission, from the beginning of the pandemic.

To this end, they have adapted their activity by providing companies with up-to-date recommendations and prevention measures with the general objective of avoid contagion: measures of an organizational nature, of collective protection, of personal protection, of particularly vulnerable workers and level of risk, of study and management of cases and contacts that occurred in the company and of collaboration in the management of temporary disability.

When conducting early detection tests, these comply with the provisions of the “Strategy for early detection, surveillance and control of covid-19” of the Ministry of Health.

Whether it is by moving the mobile reconnaissance unit as in our own facilities, the cleaning and hygiene plan is scrupulously followed as well as that of the own health personnel with respect to epis, instrumental, & c.


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