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Invisible Dance: 40 years of the group of friends that earned a place in the Movida

Tell Invisible Dance is talking about a group of friends who, forty years later, continue to enjoy when they get on stage to play together a music that originally, in the early 80s, impacted on the Madrid scene for its British influences and for the quality of its live performance.

Those origins are reflected in the documentary ‘On this side of the road. Invisible dance and the magic of Torremolinos‘, directed by José Antonio Hergueta and whose premiere this Friday in Malaga has led to a reunion of its four current members the day before -Javier Ojeda, Chris Navas, Manolo Rubio and Antonio Gil– and who was the founder, Ricardo Texidó.

“It is a pride to be the protagonists of a film that is a recognition of our work and a palpable demonstration that things can be done from places other than Madrid or Barcelona”, says Ojeda, who believes that “for a fan of Danza de the 80s and 90s “, which” after all is the primary stage “of the band, this documentary “is a feast”.

Regarding those foreign influences from the beginning, Chris Navas, of English origin, points out that Torremolinos played a fundamental role, “where there was an atmosphere at that time very different from the rest of the country because of the music that was listened to and the way of life, whereas in other places it was very difficult to listen to music from outside “.

Getting to Madrid was the “only way” to make yourself known “because the Movida was there”recalls Texidó, who assures that they were treated “very well from the beginning”, despite admitting some “arrogant comments” in those years.

“I was very proud of Javier’s voice, which was and is one of the best in Spain. We had to sell ourselves as something more than what there was in Madrid, and their jaws dropped when we played at Rockola and we started to put our sound in the Movida, which was already effervescent and settled, “adds Texidó.

The founder of the band was the one who had signed Ojeda after a start as a trio in which Teixidó played the drums and also sang.

“Javier doubted himself, but we did a good job, we all understood that he was the right person and time has shown it. The others told me that they had brought a child to sing. He was very cut and in the first concerts he almost sang sideways, without looking at the people, “says Texidó.

Ojeda himself corroborates these words: “I didn’t even give a penny for myself. I was 17 and looked and mentality 15“.

There is a before and after for Invisible Dance and it is the song ‘Sabor de amor’, a hit with which they reached the general public despite the fact that he was about to be left out of the album they were recording, in which they were sure that it would be “Reina del Caribe” who would triumph, reveals Ojeda.

“Until that moment, we were a very cool group, very alternative and very ‘British’, but ‘Sabor de amor’ hit a ball and we were already a mass group. They got into the album because Paco Martín (the producer) said that I had to go, although we all had reluctance to be a song with a more vintage flavor and with a slightly erotic-culinary lyrics that was not our style at that time. But the public is the boss “, Texidó ditch.

The documentary is not limited to the successes and happy moments of the band, as it also shows the break that occurred in 1993 with whom it had been its founder and first ‘alma mater’.

“Personal shocks”

There is a time when you start to have personal clashes. None of the band holds a grudge against Ricardo, but personalities change as the years go by, the compositional methods of a group change and you see that life takes you in another direction. Suddenly there came a time when we realized that we were ceasing to be friends, and the band mostly functions as a group of friends“admits Ojeda.

In similar terms, Texidó is pronounced, who points out that there came a time when “there was no complicity“and he confesses” proud “of the songs that were made during his membership in Danza Invisible” and of those that have been done later. ”

Javier Ojeda, who has announced “a great 40th anniversary concert, the most ambitious of all anniversaries“, he gets serious and assures that, although in recent years he has worked more alone than with Invisible Dance, he has never” felt the need to leave the group “for three reasons.

“First, because the band continues to sound fucking great live. Second, because I keep having a great time with these bastards. And third, because I’m going to thank them all my life for being a vocalist, and all my life for being a vocalist. I owe happiness to these people, “says Ojeda excitedly.

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