Monday, April 22

Iowa YouTubers Josh, Sarah Bowmar plead guilty in poaching case

DES MOINES, Iowa — An Iowa couple famous for their hunting videos on Youtube pleaded guilty in federal court this month to conspire to break a federal wildlife protection law.

Josh Bowmar, 32, and Sarah Bowmar, 33, were among dozens of defendants charged in a poaching case after they went on hunting tours guided by Broken Arrow, Nebraska-based Hidden Hills Outfitters, between Sept. 10, 2015, and Nov. 6, 2017. Hidden Hills owner Jacob Hueftle was indicted on charges that its 118 clients from 21 states hunted primarily by using illegal bait traps to attract white-tailed deer.

Hueftle was also charged with killing hawks, falcons and other protected non-game migratory birds, according to the indication. Hueftle was sentenced in 2020 to 30 months in federal prison. His father, Hidden Hills Outfitters co-owner Nolan Hueftle, ​​was sentenced to five years probation last year.

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