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iPad keyboards: best models you can buy

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If you have an iPad and want to turn it into a laptop, these keyboards offer you an easy way to type and even move around with the touchpad and mouse.

For many people an iPad is the best tablet you can buy. Its ease of use, large number of applications and above all that they are tablets that last for many years, make them a good investment. Of course, the prices are higher than Android tablets.

To this we have to add that official Apple accessories are usually quite expensive, although they tend to work perfectly and complement the iPad. There is for example the Apple Pencil or the Magic Keyboard.

An iPad keyboard it can completely change how you use the tablet, turning it almost into a laptop at least for more basic tasks like browsing the internet or creating documents. That is why we have chosen The best iPad keyboards you can buy.

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This selection is made based on keyboard quality more than priceyes, without forgetting to have options for all budgets.

The best keyboard for iPad Pro, for iPad Air or even for regular iPads. They all have interesting options from both Apple and other brands, official like Logitech or others that are within the MFi program, which qualifies that they are designed and certified for Apple products.

  1. Best keyboard for iPad Pro 12.9″
  2. Best Keyboard for iPad Pro 11″ and iPad Air 5th Gen
  3. Best Keyboard for iPad 8th and 9th Gen
  4. best standalone keyboard
  5. Best iPad 7th Gen Keyboard
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For 12.9″ iPad Pro: Apple Magic Keyboard

Apple Magic Keyboard

At this point if you have a 12.9-inch Apple iPad there is no doubt that the best keyboard you can buy is Apple Magic Keyboard official. It is the version of Apple keyboards with a touchpad. And it is that the Smart Keyboard Folio, not having a touchpad, does not take advantage of it as well.

It’s not a cheap accessory, but it transforms your iPad into a laptop and with full compatibility. You can find it for 399 euros on Amazon.

You can also find it at Macnificos for 399 euros with free shipping.

For iPad Pro 11″ and iPad Air 5th Gen: Apple Magic Keyboard

Apple Magic Keyboard

The same thing happens with the 11-inch iPad Pro as with the larger model. Having such a powerful and capable tablet, it is not worth going for something cheaper although there are options. The Apple Magic Keyboard is the safe bet.

In addition, this keyboard is valid for both the 11-inch iPad Pro and the 4th and 5th generation iPad Air, the last two models with a renewed iPad Pro design.

In Amazon it costs 331 euros and in Macnificos you find it for 325 euros.

For iPad 8th and 9th Gen: Logitech Combo Touch

Logitech Combo Touch

If you have one of the latest regular iPad models, the one with a 10.2-inch screen, the best keyboard you can get is this one. Logitech Combo Touch.

It’s a perfect keyboard for these cheaper iPads. It is designed to be converted into a tablet PC, with a back cover with an integrated stand. Also, the keyboard can be magnetically detachable in case you don’t need it or want it to be lighter.

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In Macnificos you can buy it for 125 euros and on Amazon for 124 euros.

Standalone: ​​Logitech Keys-To-Go

Logitech Keys-To-Go

If what you are looking for is a keyboard that is comfortable and easy to transport wherever you go but that is not attached to the iPad, but rather is an independent keyboard, this Logitech Keys-To-Go It fulfills all the functions you want.

It is prepared to be used with any iPad and with Apple computers, since it has the exclusive function keys of these teams. It is also a cheap Bluetooth keyboard, it only costs 48 euros on Amazon and can be purchased in black, pink and blue.

For iPad 7th Gen: Logitech Slim Folio

Logitech Slim Folio

An option for iPad 7th to 9th generation with a 10.2-inch screen that is a keyboard and a case at the same time is Logitech Slim Folio.

A keyboard with “real keys” that are more comfortable to press. It costs 77 euros on Amazon and is a good solution for those who want to use their iPad as a laptop without spending a lot and to protect it from shocks.

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