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iPhone 14 Plus, when size matters

The American media have begun to publish reviews of the new iPhone 14 Plus and, while our analysis finishes baking, we leave you with some of the first impressions.

The first reviews or analysis of one of the new smartphones from Manzanaspecifically the iPhone 14Plus, are already being seen in some American media. And it is that, they all agree on the same aspect: If you want an Apple mobile with a large screen and a battery that lasts for days, to which you add innovative features, this is your smartphone.

Apple decided to bet on the Plus version to replace the Mini, that came out last year with the iPhone 13s, and as we’ve already reported, pre-orders for the two standard versions are lower than those for the previous iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini, which means that Apple’s product segmentation strategy for the standard models has failed this year.

However, knowing all the marketing that has been done and continues to exist behind it, it does not stain at all some predictable large sales. And it is that, the new iPhone 14 Plus, despite everything, It has been stomping the reviews of large media.

While our analysis of the iPhone 14 Plus finishes coming out of the oven, we leave you with some aspects that have caught our attention about this new terminal of the apple brand. That yes, you can not lose the two reviews that our colleague Alejandro Alcolea has already done about the new iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro.

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iPhone 14 Plus: big screen, big battery and many reasons to pay for it

The iPhone 14 Plus has been one of the great surprises of this year and all eyes are on that huge screen. We talk about 6.7 inches compared to the 6.1-inch screen on the standard 14. The 6.1 inches of the also iPhone 13, they will seem crazy to you.

And it is that, the canvas that this smartphone offers us is perfect for watching videos, playing games and taking photos. That is why there is already the occasional claim for new features in iOS 16 that take advantage of the giant screen of the 14 Plus. I’m sure Apple won’t take long to listen to us.

iPhone 14 chargers

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Note that, despite the iPhone 14 Plus is the same size as the Pro Maxit has a much lighter body (203 grams compared to 240 grams), which is clearly an advantage for all of us who do not mind doing without some extra specifications of Apple’s top mobile and want to keep some money in our wallet.

To get an idea, the iPhone 14 Plus has the Same basic features as the standard iPhone 14: It has a funnier color selection than the Pro line and includes the same cameras: a 12MP f/1.5 main camera with sensor-shift stabilization, a 12MP ultra camera, and a 12MP selfie camera with autofocus.

However, here we find one of its strong points and that is that it claims it has the best battery life of any iPhone. Officially, Apple calls it “duration of drums all day”but in the media experience like CNET, you can get much more than that.

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Of course, other inclusions that have drawn so much attention from the media and users are Collision Detection and Emergency SOS via Satellite, although there are mixed opinions regarding the latter, we hope that little by little it will improve.

As another bonus for all of you who are a bit careless, the iPhone 14 Plus (although also the standard version) has a new middle frame that makes it easy to replace the front and rear glass panels in the event of an accident.

It is not the Pro version, but it has little to envy

One of the aspects that perhaps we could miss, since it is an absolute novelty, is the Dynamic Island, that “improvement” of the hated notch that everyone talks about and that only the Pro and Pro Max versions have.

According to the opinion of various media, we are facing an expendable addition although, of course, knowing that Apple could most likely include it in all iPhone 15s next year, It seems that we will be able to have this feature finally.

If we go back to that wonderful screen and we compare it with the Pro Max, we have to mention that adaptive refresh rate up to 120 HZ which, however, is restricted to 60 Hz in the Plus version. Perhaps, according to CNET, this should include a higher refresh rate, about 90 Hz.

iPhone 14

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There’s no high-resolution 48-megapixel sensor, but the 14 Plus benefits from Apple’s updated image processing called the Photonic Engine (better low light performance). We also lose the new A16 Bionic chip or a dedicated telephoto camera, but it seems quite logical since we are not dealing with Apple’s Pro versions.

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Of course, do not try to take the physical SIM card from your previous phone to this one, because like the rest of the iPhone 14 line, the Plus only works with eSIMs.

With all this on the table and seeing various analyses, everyone agrees that all its positive points are enough arguments to spend a little more on this new iPhone 14 Pus. Stay tuned because our analysis will come soon.

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