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iPhone 14: what is known about the new Apple mobile

As it gets closer Septemberusual month of presentations by Manzanarumors are growing about the new iPhone 14. Although for now there are few details that are known about the new carrier terminal Tim Cookare already waiting four new models: two versions normal and two others Pro.

Experts point to a new chipimprovements in the rear camerawhich will continue to have three goalsand one remodeling of the screensaying goodbye to your design ‘notch’. Likewise, there is also talk of a possible advancement of the presentation of these new smartphones.

Goodbye to the ‘notch’

The platform ITHome points out that the upcoming terminals they will be Similar to their predecessors as far as appearance physics is concerned. However, he notes that one or both versions of the new iphone will incorporate a novelty in its design: in the part higher of the screenwhere the frontal camerathere will be a combination of a hole with a “tablet” next to it, which together will form something like a “symbol of exclamation“.

It is speculated that this new component will have to do with the function FaceIDwhich enables to unlock the phone with the expensivesince everything points to Manzana will bet on to improve this tool. So with this modificationthe tech giant founded by Steve Jobs says goodbye to the model ‘notch’ used up to now.

New chip and camera improvements

Between the news that are shuffled with the arrival of iPhone 14 is found the A16 Bionica new chip that would incorporate the models Pro of this new mobile. On the other hand, the versions normal would have an improved version of the A15typical of iPhone 13. Others features that the new terminal is expected to be equipped with a 120hz displayand that the ‘smartphone’ has a RAM of at least 6GB.

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Refering to camerait will continue to have three goalsbut Apple is expected to pay most complain of the latest users iOS: the 12 megapixels that limited the resolution from the images to expand them with the tool ‘zoom’. In this way, everything indicates that this figure will rise to 48 megapixelssignificantly improving the result.

Advance release date?

Related news

As reported Max Weinbachexpert in all the news that surrounds the firm of the ‘bitten apple’the company headquartered in Cupertino (California) could advance the date of presentation of its new terminals.

While is true that Manzana accustomed to carrying out premieres between second Y third week of September, ten days before setting off salethis time it would not be a conference liveotherwise engravedso the firm would try to anticipate their income to a date close to September 6.

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