Sunday, December 3

iPhone and Android tricks to measure, magnify, add captions and more.

Remember back when we used phones for only calls? Today, our smartphones hold our entire digital life.

That includes, of course, your precious photos and videos. Tap or click for nine photos you should always have handy, like your medical and dental insurance cards.

Speaking of photos, how often do you spend way too much time hunting for a photo you know is hidden somewhere in your gallery? Stop scrolling and use this smart trick to find a photo quickly.

Your iPhone or Android has a ton of hidden goodies. Here are 10 tricks you’ll come back to time and time again:

1. Start using back tap

Instead of fumbling through pages of apps, you can instantly do a specific task with your phone. I take a lot of screenshots with my phone, and I do it by tapping the back of my phone twice. Three taps and my driveway entry gate opens. A friend of mine turns on his back patio lights the same way.

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