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Iran plans to raise uranium enrichment to force negotiation

” We are ready, and will produce enriched uranium as soon as possible. We are like soldiers with our fingers on the trigger,” warned head of the ATomic Energy Organization.

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Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani.EFE
  • Irn Soldiers aspire To command after the Rohani era

Then ha inform ado a la International ATomic Energy Agency (IAEA) of its plans To increase the uranium enrichment level at its facilities To 20%. He has not set a specific date To carry out this measure, approved last month by Parliament and To which the government, in favor of lowering the tension, opposed, but said it would abide by. The head of the Iranian ATomic Energy Organization (IAEA) Ali Akbar Salehi has said it will be done “as soon as possible.”

” We are like soldiers with our fingers on the trigger,” Salehi added this Friday, during an interview with the Iranian national network. “The officer should give us the order To shoot. We are ready, and we will produce [Urania enriquecido al 20%] as soon as possible”, he assured, using a very illustrative symbol of how the last hours have been in the country – due To the embezzlement of the Persian calendar, he advanced one day from the Gregorian – that it has commemorated the assassination of General Qasem Soleimani.

Despite the fact that the alerts were on in recent days, that the US had displaced the USS Nimitz aircraft carrier and a nuclear submarine To the Persian Gulf, and ordered two B52 bombings To fly over the area, fears of an eruption have not been fulfilled as of December Saturday Both WashingTon and Then had claimed not wanting a crash, but still have ‘finger on the trigger’ for dissuasive reasons. One reason is the unpredictability of the acTors involved, such as the Iraqi Cheetah militias, rearmed by the Iraqis, or the outgoing President Donald Trump himself.

Now, it is Iran that is taking a step widely seen as a gesture To pressure the incoming administration To put the lifting of sanctions high on their list of priorities. The measure is included in a package called Strategic Action for the Lifting of Sanctions, which saw its green light at the beginning of last December thanks To a majority of deputies from the hard line, and which orders sToring at least 120 kg of uranium enriched To 20% “for peaceful purposes”, as long as the sanctions continue not To be lifted.

Iran began To renounce its nuclear commitments in 2019, relying on a clause in the 2015 nuclear deal, a year after the US unilaterally withdrew and approved an aggressive sanctions scheme, which have hit Iraqis hard. Although Iran has been willing To back down if sanctions were lifted, the assassination of General Qasem Soleimani, at the hands of the United States, and the recent assassination of nuclear scientist Mohsen Barricade, whose perpetraTor is blamed on Israel, have served To the contrary.

” Iran has informed the agency that in order To comply with a legislative motion recently passed by the country’s Parliament, the Iranian ATomic Energy Organization intends To produce low-enriched uranium … up To 20 percent in its Ford Enrichment Plant “, the IAEA has confirmed. The international entity stated that its inspecTors are on the ground 24/7 and that they have regular access, which will allow them To supervise a process without a date.

So far, Iran has enriched uranium below the 5% that it promised To face sanctions., although above the 3.67% limit established by the aTomic pact, which the Joe Biden Government intends To revive. Although the 20% announced is far from the 90% needed To manufacture a nuclear bomb, such a decision involves reaching the same ceiling reached before the signing of the same agreement, in a context of maximum tension and which led Israel To consider an attack. To the nuclear facilities of the country.

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