Sunday, September 19

Irene Montero, about Rocío Carrasco: “Her testimony is that of a victim of gender violence”

Rocío Carrasco and Irene Montero.

Rocío Carrasco and Irene Montero.

The statements by Rocío Carrasco at Telecinco it is generating reactions in all areas of society. One of the most outstanding has been that of Irene Montero, who published a thread on his official Twitter account with his opinion on the matter with the hashtag #RocioYoSiTeCreo: “His testimony is that of a victim of gender violence. When a woman publicly denounces violence, she can be questioned or ridiculed. That is why support is important“.

This testimony will occupy many hours of television, but many other women will also be reflected. One in two women has been a victim of some type of sexist violence throughout her life. Each and every one of them matters, “said the Minister of Equality, adding in another tweet that there is no profile of an abused woman, just as there is no profile of an abuser:” To have or not money, studies, a family that supports you … in all circumstances you can be a victim of gender violence “.

In later tweets, Montero considered it “essential” to clothe a woman who takes the step of telling her experience of violence for her reparation process, also defending that it has “a collective effect: to raise awareness and protect us from sexist violence”: “It is not about criminalizing men but about understanding sexist violence in order to eradicate it and protect the victims“.

There have also been other reactions in the field of politics and the media, such as those of Adriana Lastra, deputy secretary general of the PSOE, Terelu Campos, María Patiño and Alba Carrillo:

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