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Irene Montero: “We have a long way to go to involve men”

Was it difficult to add to PP to the renewal of the State pact?

From the beginning they put a huge responsibility. It has been meticulous work, but we have counted from the first minute on the commitment of all the political forces to be able to reach an agreement that would allow us to update the State pact, to make all the measures permanent and to protect its financing.

¿Vox have not wanted to participate or have not been invited?

He has participated in the meetings, but decided not to join. And I also believe that it is very important that we have launched the message of shielding the institutions against the denial of sexist violence.

Once this opinion has been signed with 13 major objectives, is it necessary to reform the law against gender violence?

We have to look for the most appropriate legislative mechanisms and with the maximum consensus, and I believe that in that there will be flexibility on the part of all groups, because the important thing is not the specific legislative technique, but that we are able to take to the maximum level of the legislation the measures of the pact.

“We have to take the measures of the State pact to the highest level of legislation”


In summer they began the review of the existing protocols against sexist violence. What faults have they detected?

After the rebound in murders at the beginning of the summer, we believe it is essential to convene the State pact and other actors involved to make an accurate assessment of what mechanisms are failing or need to be improved. There are many protocols that were developed with the 2004 law that have not been reviewed. And the main areas of intervention that we have detected as priorities are prevention and early detection.

What is going to be done in both areas?

A few weeks later we launched a plan of urgent measures. For example, it was approved to launch a universal screening in primary care and emergency services that allows us professionals in the health field to have a specialization to know how to detect certain signs and make women feel safe to report violence and that from there they are referred to specialized resources.

The Minister of Equality, Irene Montero. José Ramón Ladra Martín

And the rest of the protocols, are they going to be updated?

We are working on a framework protocol that can serve as a guide for communities, municipalities and entities that have actions dedicated to the eradication of violence. Soon we will be able to share it with all parties. In addition, updating the pact implies a necessary review and permanent evaluation that allows us to detect any failure and any need for improvement in real time and be able to act accordingly. There were already periodic evaluations in the previous pact, but we have reinforced it because we think that it is essential to detect what changes must take place in order to always reach all women on time.

One of the pending challenges mentioned in the decision of the pact is to involve more men in prevention. With what measures?

When we talk about moving from a culture of rape to a culture of consent, it is a change that affects us all. In addition, all the world, men and women, we have to be united to eradicate sexist violence. That means that anyone, also men, if they suspect that there is a woman in a situation of violence, who knows that he can always reach out to her. The type of society based on good deals that feminism proposes also implies that men deconstruct that masculinity that is at the base of violence. For this, we have enormous challenges in terms of education in equality, which is a right that the State must guarantee and that we want to develop in the reform of the abortion law. We have a long way to go to involve men and make public policies that make them feel involved in this process of reaching out and deconstructing that masculinity that is the basis of violence.

“The type of society that feminism proposes implies that men deconstruct that violent masculinity”


The renewal of the pact also mentions influencing actions against the vicarious violence, which is exercised against the children to harm the mother. How?

In the children’s law, the parental alienation syndrome and the visitation regime for abusers have been prohibited, clearly saying that we are upholding the feminist motto that no abuser can be a good father. But we have a long way to go and it is recognized by the State pact to be able to fight against all forms of violence, economic, vicarious, digital and all forms.

In order to eradicate sexual exploitation, the ‘only yes is yes’ law penalizes those who allocate a place to prostitution, which is known as locative third party. Will it allow many brothels to close?

Not only the locative third party, but also the typification of non-coercive proxenitism. The locative third party was outside the Penal Code under a PSOE government. This government is determined to get it back to go after those who profit from sexual exploitation. It will be one of the elements that the different groups have already advanced that they want to debate and therefore we will do a discreet and fine-tuned negotiation to be able to reach a consensus.

“We have to be able to fight economic, vicarious and digital violence”


The PSOE wants to fine the clients of prostitutes as a measure to abolish the prostitution. Do you share this thesis?

International organizations tell us that one of the priority objectives for end sexual exploitation and trafficking, which are forms of sexist violence, is the disincentive to demand. But the preferred mechanisms have more to do with prevention, awareness or education in equality. In any case, we fear that we will be able to find the broadest possible consensus in society as a whole, in parliamentary groups and in government partners to deploy the most effective mechanisms to discourage demand. With two premises: one is that these mechanisms are effective and work and the other is that they do not lead to a greater situation of vulnerability to women who are victims of sexual exploitation or trafficking. If we do not put their rights at the center, if we do not articulate social and labor insertion plans that allow them to have an opportunity, it will be very difficult for us to eradicate sexual exploitation and trafficking. And we have to review the immigration law because most of them have an irregular administrative situation and that conditions access to their rights.

There have been frictions with the PSOE when it comes to regulating conscientious objection in the reform of the abortion law. Is that going to prevent a short-term text?

The first step with this law has been to listen to feminist organizations and professionals to be able to understand what the main demands of society are. This process will end in December and as it has been accompanied by the preparation of the reform, that month we will have a first draft, which has as pillar of guaranteeing the right to abortion and sexual education. From that moment on, we will negotiate within the Government and then with the processing of the law. But this rule has to be able to effectively guarantee the right to abortion in the public sphere because there are communities where it is not performed and therefore some women have to travel thousands of kilometers, since conscientious objection is being used. in a perverse way to prevent the right of women to decide about their own body. Therefore, we have to be able to harmonize the right to object with the right of women to decide.

“Measures to discourage the demand for prostitution cannot make women more vulnerable”


¿What will be done to prevent obstetric violence?

I want to start by acknowledging that there have been enormous advances and we have excellent professionals. But international organizations are telling us that there are also situations of obstetric violence in our country and public policies must be able to respond. Fundamentally, raising the Normal Delivery Strategy to a high level of compliance, which may need improvement because it is applied unevenly and must be extended to the entire territory. We will work discreetly and willingly agree.

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