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Ironing centers Rowenta, Philips and more: these are the best

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If you want to iron faster right now there is nothing like an ironing center: top brands, very complete and you can get them at the best price.

One of those tasks that nobody likes to do but that is necessary in some garments is the dreaded iron. Although there are people who relax them, it is another one of those household tasks that is repetitive and that can be improved.

ironing centers offer advantages over traditional plates and vertical plates. By having a larger water tank where the water vapor is generated, arrives with greater quantity and pressure.

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The water vapor penetrates the garments and allows for much faster and more efficient ironing. This means that once you control the ironing center, straightening a shirt, dress or pants will be much faster.

If you are looking for a good quality ironing center and one of the leading brands, we recommend one of these products for its value for money, efficiency and the opinions of those who have bought it.

You can find them in stores like Amazon where you have free and fast shipping with the advantages of Amazon Prime.

  1. Polti Vaporella 505 Pro
  2. Rowenta Turbosteam VR8322
  3. Bosch TDS6040 EasyComfort Series 6
  4. Philips GC7844/20
  5. Cecotec Fast&Furious 8060 Ultra

Polti Vaporella 505 Pro

Polti Vaporella 505 Pro

From one of the most important brands in the world of ironing centers comes this Polti Vaporella 505 Pro. It is one of its cheapest entry models and with one of the best value for money.

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Don’t be fooled by its retro design, it has a power of 1750 W and a pressure of 3.5 bars. It also reaches a steam emission of 90 g/min of steam and a 900 ml tank.

You can get this ironing center center for 74.40 euros on Amazon.

Rowenta Turbosteam VR8322

Rowenta Turbosteam VR8322

Rowenta Turbosteam VR8322 It is an efficient and powerful ironing center.

It has a pressure of 6.5 bars and a power of 2600 W. Get a continuous steam output of 120 g/min and a steam boost of 370 g/min, as well as having an Eco mode to save energy and water.

Its tank is one of the largest, with a capacity of 1.7 liters, an anti-limescale system and a MicroSteam 400 laser soleplate that contains micro-holes to better diffuse the steam.

On Amazon you can get it for 148 euros.

Bosch TDS6040 EasyComfort Series 6

Bosch TDS6040 EasyComfort Series 6

Bosch TDS6040 EasyComfort Series 6 It is an almost professional ironing center that has good characteristics, although it is one of the most expensive, reaching 199 euros.

Has a 2400 W power, 5.8 bar pressure and a heat shock of 380g/min. The tank is 1.5 liters and has a security system to lock the iron on the base.

It also has a lower energy consumption Eco mode to save 25% energy and up to 35% water.

Philips GC7844/20

Philips GC7844/20

Philips GC7844/20 It is an ironing center with a good price and perfect for families.

This ironing center reaches a pressure of 6.5 barsa 2400W powera steam blow of 400 g/min and a steam flow rate of 120 g/min.

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The water tank has 1.5 liters to convert into steam to be able to iron all your clothes faster and more efficiently.

The Philips ironing center has more than 200 very positive reviews among its buyers and you can get one for 109 euros on Amazon.

Cecotec Fast&Furious 8060 Ultra

Cecotec Fast&Furious 8060 Ultra

ironing center Cecotec Fast&Furious 8060 Ultra It is a perfect product for those who have to iron too many shirts.

It has a 3000W power, 10 bar pressuretitanium oxide coating on its base and a single pass heat stroke of 750g/min, although it can generate a continuous steam channel of 175g/min.

In the Cecotec online store you have it for 179 euros with free shipping. On Amazon it is also available for 179 euros.

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