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Irresponsible? Djokovic exposed by participating in public events days after testing positive for COVID-19 [Fotos]

The controversy continues in the environment of Novak Djokovic. While his lawyers affirmed to the Australian authorities that Djokovic tested positive on December 16 for COVID-19, now They released images of the tennis player participating a day later with a positive test at the awards ceremony in Belgrade and without a protective mask, among other events.

Arguments from Djokovic’s legal environment explained that the positive was the reason why they requested the medical exemption for the tennis player to participate in the Australian Open, claiming that he already had antibodies in his system from having recently been infected.

Now, dated December 17 and a day after in theory it tested positive, on the website of the Serbian tennis federation There is information on the tennis player’s participation in an awards ceremony for young people.

The information is accompanied by photographs in which Djokovic appears smiling with the winners without a mask, images also published on the federation’s Facebook account.

Event in which Djokovic participated one day after testing positive for COVID-19

Total the federation shared a gallery with 68 photos, all featuring the winner of 20 Grand Slam tournaments.

In addition to the Serbian Tennis Federation event, the day before (December 16), the player attended a ceremony to present the stamps “Tennis: Novak Djokovic, the world’s first racket” at the Serbian Post Office., an acknowledgment for his sporting successes and humanitarian work. The tennis player himself reported the act on his Twitter account the next day.

In his tweet, accompanied by a photo in which he does not wear a mask, he was grateful for the “honor” that his country showed him.

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The photos in the aforementioned acts began to circulate after the version of Djokovic’s lawyers was known, according to which he obtained a medical exemption to participate in the Australian Open without being vaccinated because he had tested positive for COVID on December 16.

“Mr. Djokovic had received, on December 30, 2021, a letter from Tennis Australia’s medical director recording that he had been provided with a ‘medical exemption from covid vaccination’ because he had recently recovered from covid,” they note. in a document published this Saturday by Australian media.

The lawyers add that “At that time, 14 days had passed since the positive PCR test” and that the tennis player “had not had a fever or respiratory symptoms of covid-19” in the previous 72 hours.

The question that many are now asking is whether the player was irresponsible in having received notification of the result of his test when he participated in the aforementioned acts, or if these photos contradict the lawyers’ version that he had been infected.

Djokovic is currently being held in a detention center in Melbourne, Australia, waiting for the decision to be known on whether he will finally be deported from the nation or, failing that, he will be able to play the Australian Open and defend his current three-time championship.

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