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Irrigation restrictions reach those who are supplied from the Guadiana

In the Extremadura basin of the Guadiana, 1,686 surface water concessionaires are registered. / TODAY

They may only use 65% of the volumes that appear in their concession title in the irrigation campaign. That is, they will not be able to use 45% of a regular campaign

Celestino J. Vinegar

The serious restrictions for the irrigation campaign are extended. Not only the irrigators who take water from the ponds, through the ditches, from the irrigation communities will suffer in this campaign not being able to have water for a normal crop this summer. The Guadiana Hydrographic Confederation (CHG) has applied severe measures to cut water resources for farmers who have a direct intake concession from the river. And they are not few.

In the Extremadura basin of the Guadiana, there are 1,686 surface water concessionaires, who have direct intakes to the river for their crops.

They are affected by a decision made in the unloading commission on April 7. They may only use 65% of the volumes that appear in their concession title in the irrigation campaign. That is, they will not be able to use 45% of a regular campaign.

In addition, the CHG emphasizes that they are obliged to respect the ecological flow regime established by the hydrological plan in force at any given time for the river or section in question. «If the circulating flow upstream of the diversion is lower than the values ​​that result from application, the licensee shall refrain from diverting any flow. In no case will the withdrawal of flows be able to leave the riverbed dry”, it is finished off.

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One of the aspects that the hydrological organism wants to improve is the effective control of these irrigation intakes. In theory, there is an obligation to establish a meter that guarantees accurate information on the flows and volumes of water consumed or used. But that demand meets a reality. There are hardly any counters installed. In fact, according to the information transmitted to HOY by the CHG, an implementation of less than 30% is estimated “of control systems in accordance with current regulations.”

In addition to remembering that they install it, in this time of hydrological drought, the entity says that it could adopt sanctioning measures, among them, as a precautionary measure, “the temporary closure of the water intake facilities.”

Most of the Guadiana reservoirs will have restrictions

On the other hand, the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge (Miteco) already pointed out in its latest report on the state of the reservoirs in Spain that the general situation of the water reserves in the Guadiana basin was “very negative” . In fact, the weather forecasts do not foresee notable changes in the trend in the coming months, so the scenario being handled is that “it will be necessary to restrict irrigation consumption from most of the reservoirs in the basin.”

Despite the rains last March, its latest report reflects that the situation of the Guadiana “continues to be problematic, especially in its upper basin, and is also spreading to the western area.”

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