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IRS: How to confirm if the second $ 600 stimulus check came to you as a debit card

IRS: How to confirm if the second $ 600 stimulus check came to you as a debit card

EIP Cards distributed by the federal government can also be used for online purchases.

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The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) reported that, as part of the second round of sending stimulus checks, payments in the form of a prepaid debit card will be clearly identified as coming from the Treasury Department.

As part of the first round of payments under the La CARES, the envelope in which the plastic money arrived was a plain white one that many mistook for junk mail, leading to thousands of beneficiaries scrapping the payment and having to order a replacement card.

Debit card in an envelope with the Department of the Treasury seal

But this time, the authorities decided to be more specific in the presentation of the correspondence, so the so-called Economic Impact Payment by debit card will be sent in a white envelope that shows the seal of the US Department of the Treasury. .

“The Economic Impact Payment card will be sent in a white envelope bearing the seal of the US Department of the Treasury. On the front of the card is the Visa name and on the back it says that the card is issued by the bank, MetaBank®, NA The information included with the card explains that this is your Financial Impact Payment. More information about these cards is available at (in English),” readsads part of the IRS statement last week when it began the distribution process with the first direct deposits.

The agency also clarified that those who received the payment in the form of a debit card last time, will not necessarily receive the second in the same way.

About 4 million EIP Cards were shipped in the first round

During the last round of shipments that began last March, some 4 million people received the payment as a debit card. Although the relevant agencies have not specified how many beneficiaries will receive the money on the card, it will be a minimal part of the eligible population.

“For those who don’t receive direct deposit in early January, they should search their mailbox for a check or debit card. To expedite the delivery of payments and reach as many people as possible as quickly as possible, the Fiscal Service Bureau, which is part of the Treasury Department, will send a limited number of debit card payments. Note that the second EIP submission may be different from the first EIP mailed. Some people who received a paper check the last time can receive a debit card this time, and some people who received a debit card the last time can receive a paper check ”, explained from the IRS.

Who received the debit card stimulus check in the first round?

Last year, the recipients of the “EIP Cards” in May were taxpayers whose tax filings were processed by the IRS Service Center at Andover, Massachusetts, and Austin, Texas.

In the first round under the CARES Act, hundreds of thousands of beneficiaries threw away the debit card that came to them through the mail because of the generic image of the envelope as well as the card itself.

Due to the above, the US Government decided not to charge these people for the first replacement of the EIP Card.

To find out the status of your payment and how it was sent, you can access the “Get My Payment” tool enabled on the page.

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