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IRS Reminds Homeless People Can Get Stimulus Checks And Other Tax Benefits Too

Homeless people must file a 2020 basic tax return with the IRS to get the stimulus check.

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The IRS is reminding the homeless, who do not have a permanent address or bank account, that they may still qualify to receive a stimulus check. and other tax benefits.

While these economic impact payments continue to be made automatically to most people, the IRS cannot issue a payment to people who are eligible, but whose information is not available in the tax agency’s systems.

To help the homeless, the rural poor, and other historically underserved groups, the IRS urges community groups, employers, and others to share information about stimulus checks and help more eligible people file tax returns so they can receive all the money to which they are entitled.

Remember that the portal of IRS.gov has a variety of information and tools to help people receive financial impact payments.

“The IRS has been working directly with groups inside and outside the tax community to get information directly to the homeless and other groups to help them receive economic impact payments,” said IRS Commissioner Chuck Rettig.

“The IRS is working hard in this effort, allowing millions of people who normally do not file taxes to receive these payments. But we have to do more and we appreciate all the help we have been receiving from national and local groups to help in this effort to reach people who desperately need this help. “

It should be noted that economic impact payments, also known as stimulus checks, are different from most other tax benefits, since people can receive the payments even if they have little or no income and even if they do not usually file a tax return as long as they have a social security number and are not supported by another person claiming you as a dependent.

The only way the IRS can get homeless information is for them to file a 2020 basic tax return with the IRS.. Once the return is processed, the IRS can quickly send the stimulus payment to an address selected by the qualified individual.

No permanent address required

Eligible individuals can claim a stimulus check payment or other credits even if they do not have a permanent address.

For example, a homeless person may include the address of a trusted friend, relative, or service provider, such as a shelter or transitional housing program, on the return filed with the IRS.

If they are unable to elect direct deposit, a tax refund check or debit card and the third economic impact payment can be mailed to this address.

Homeless people can get the EITC

A homeless worker can get the earned income tax credit (EITC). To get the credit, federal law requires a worker to live in the U.S. for more than half the year and meet other requirements. Thus, homeless people, including those living in one or more shelters, can meet that requirement.

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