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Is Full Body Laser Hair Removal Effective?

Is Full Body Laser Hair Removal Effective?

When you spend a large amount of money on something, you want it to work. That’s why it makes sense to wonder if full-body laser hair removal is effective. Treating the whole body with a laser can get expensive, not to mention that it’s time-consuming.

However, if you’re dealing with unwanted body hair, full-body laser hair removal might be your best bet for treatment! Here’s everything you need to know about full-body laser hair removal.

How Laser Hair Removal Works

Laser hair removal is an FDA-approved technology for permanent hair reduction. For a lot of people, it can get rid of 100% of hair, but it’s not a guarantee.

Laser hair removal works by targeting the pigment in the hair follicle. The beam of light from the machine gets absorbed by the hair root. It converts into heat and destroys the follicle.

The results depend heavily on the type of hair as well as on individual hormones. Laser works best on darker hair and lighter skin tones, although today’s modern machines can also effectively treat those with darker skin. Unfortunately, lasers cannot work on very light hair.

How Long Does Full Body Laser Hair Removal Take?

Laser hair removal is a surprisingly fast service – a full body treatment is often faster than waxing. At salons like SEV Laser, full body laser hair removal takes just a little over an hour.

Today’s machines are very fast, and the nurses and technicians who perform the service work methodically. They will often use skin-safe pencils to mark the treatment areas and keep track of where they’ve lasered. This allows them to ensure they don’t miss a single spot while still providing a fast treatment.

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How Many Full Body Laser Sessions Will I Need?

Most people need to undergo between 6 and 12 laser hair removal sessions to achieve near-total smoothness.

This is largely because of the way different hairs move through the hair growth cycle. This cycle has three growth phases, and our hair follicles are never in sync. The laser can only be effective on the follicles that are going through their active growth phase. With multiple sessions, eventually, all follicles can be addressed at the right time.

This is why most salons sell laser hair removal packages – it’s a way of saving their clients a bit of money while still ensuring great long-term results.

Hormones are another major factor, though. Hormonal changes can trigger renewed hair growth, which is why most professionals recommend that you come back for touch-up appointments once or twice a year.

Does Full Body Laser Hair Removal Hurt?

Laser hair removal does hurt a little bit. It’s not as painful as waxing, though, and most people who try it have no problem tolerating the pain. The closest comparison is getting stung with a rubber band.

Thankfully, most modern machines are often equipped with a cool shot. Immediately after getting treated the same spot will also get cooled down by the machine, so the pain isn’t long-lasting.

What Does Full Body Laser Hair Removal Include?

Full body laser hair removal is just that – the entire body. This includes legs, arms, face, underarms, chest, neck, stomach, back, buttocks, the full bikini area, and even hands and feet if necessary. The exact areas that need treatment may vary from person to person, though.

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At most salons, treating the entire body is a great way to save money, especially if you buy a package. If you’d like to give it a try, book your appointment at a reputable medspa. SEV Laser has more than 20 locations all over the USA. One of the popular one is SEV Laser New Yorkcheck all locations and find the nearest one for you.

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