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Is it possible to grow carnivorous plants at home?

Tricks to have carnivorous plants in your home.

When we talk about decorate the house with plants the most normal thing is to think about fig, potos, cintas o cactus. However, today we are going to talk about some much more exotic and rare plants to see: the plants carnivorous. If you are considering having a plant carnivorous What houseplant In your home, you must first know some of its peculiarities in terms of care and conservation.

There are two types of carnivorous plants: tropical and non-tropical. The latter are the best option to grow at home since the former are much more difficult to maintain.

How to care for a carnivorous plant

Carnivorous plants require numerous cares to grow at home so they are not a good choice if you are a beginner in the world of indoor plants. However, if you want to have one at home we are going to give you some basic tips so that your carnivorous plant grows healthy in your home.

Find out how to care for carnivorous plants at home. Pixabay

  • First you must take into account the temperature. Are plants nThey need to be in the warmest areas of the house, except for the season when hibernan.

  • The humidity is another important point to take into account. And is that the most require high humidity conditions. To achieve this, you must water them a lot but without flooding them.

  • They need a lot of light so put them near the window.

  • These plants do not feed on the roots. They do it through their aerial parts. That is its main peculiarity. Depending on whether they are in a place where they can hunt their own food or not, the care they need in this regard will be different.

Decorate your home with carnivorous plants. Pixabay

How to feed a carnivorous plant at home?

The main attraction of having a plant carnivorous in home, beyond the fact that it may be more or less beautiful aesthetically speaking, it is their way of eating. They usually feed on small insects or spiders that reach them without realizing it. Some of these plants eat with rapid movements when closing their leaves as occurs with the Venus Flytrap. Others use sticky substances so that their victims adhere to them, as in the case of Drosera.

Carnivorous plants eat insects and small spiders. Pixabay

This is a question to take into account when choosing the place to place them. If they are in a very closed place it will be more difficult than flies or mosquitoes reach them and can feed. Better put them on on the terrace or in the garden (if you have it) and let them feed themselves. If you don’t have a terrace or garden, you can always hunt an insect and give it to them from time to time.


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