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Is it possible to treat premature ejaculation with home remedies?

The premature ejaculation It’s one of the male sexuality disorders most common and worrisome. It occurs when a man ejaculate earlier than desired when having sex and it is a situation that generates a lot of stress, relationship problems e unsafety. The truth is that it is a common condition, according to data revealed by Mayo Clinic: 1 in three men suffers from it at some point in their life.

However most experts agree that it is a complex problem, since it involves aspects physical and psychological. While medical control It is essential, there are medicines and supplements that are of great help to have a more control; best of all, they are a good ally for improve sexual satisfaction. Based on this, much has been said about the benefits of certain remedies, to try to natural way the problem knows what the best alternatives are and what science says about.

In accordance with scientific studies exist some minerals that can be a magnificent addition to the diet of those men who suffer from premature ejaculation. Know what are the nutrients and Natural medicine recommended and its positive effects on male sexual health.

1. Magnesium

It has medical references that prove that the low presence of magnesium in men, it is a potential nutritional cause which results in premature ejaculation. In such a way that magnesium is associated not only with noticeable benefits in male sexual healthas it increases sperm production, too reduces muscle contractions during orgasm and is a good muscle relaxant. That is why various medicine specialists recommend checking magnesium levels and in case of being deficient increase the consumption of foods richest in this important mineral. Between the main sources are foods such as: Pumpkin seeds, almonds, spinach, peanuts, soy milk, black beans, edamames, avocado, papas, yogurt, avena and bananas.

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2. Zinc

Normally they are details that we usually go unnoticed, however there are A study in which it is confirmed that the zinc deficiency in the male body it can contribute to sexual dysfunction. Zinc is a essential mineral for the body, it is a trace element that plays a vital role in processes that include growth, immunity and the reproduction. further asome studies have shown a link between not having enough zinc and erectile dysfunction, because zinc is very important for the development and function of male sexual organs. Zinc also promotes testosterone production, it is because of that several doctors recommend ensuring a daily intake of 11 mg of zinc per day; is the perfect measure to improve the time of ejaculation. Between the main sources are foods such as: oysters, liver, clams, seafood, red meat, almonds, hazelnuts, Pork Meat, eggs and dark chocolate.

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3. Plants and home remedies

We cannot leave without mentioning the relevance that certain herbs and medicinal plants, like a good natural alternative to improve premature ejaculation and best of all is that no side effects. Among the most relevant options, the use of chinese medicinal herbs, which are a very important part of traditional oriental medicine. In fact it has A study published in the magazine Sexual Medicine in which the use of a natural supplement of kiss him could improve stamina and sexual energy.

Related to the same topic there are scientific references that support the benefits of using aryurvedic herbs, which according to tradition in India believed to be a powerful ally in treating erectile dysfunction. The Ayurvedic medicines that are most recommended to treat premature ejaculation are fireplaces vidrawan ras, kaunch beej and yauvanamrit vati.

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