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Is Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. willing to risk everything to fight Jake Paul?

Once the future of boxing is considered, Julio César Chávez Jr.’s career has been on a roller coaster ride. One fight against rookie boxer and YouTube star Jake Paul could change everything.

This could end up being the right fight for both fighters at this stage in their careers.

The Paul effect

Jake Paul made his professional boxing debut in January 2020, beating fellow YouTuber AnEsonGib by TKO. Confident and arrogant, Paul has revolutionized the world of combat sports, drawing attention to boxing that many have not seen before.

After AnEsonGib, Paul battled former NBA player Nate Robinson and former MMA champion Ben Askren, knocking them both out in mismatches. He then faced former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley, who ended his UFC career on a four-game losing streak. The first fight Paul and Woodley had was close. Paul was nearly knocked out, but a possible injury to Woodley negated it. Paul would win by split decision.

A fight with Tommy Fury was turned down after injury from the latter, and Woodley stepped in two weeks early to face Paul. On December 18, Paul knocked out Woodley in the sixth round, further boosting his confidence.

Paul has been heavily criticized for not fighting legitimate boxers or someone who values ​​his name more than the people he has faced. He’s ready to take a break and get back to boxing in the second half of 2022.

Family business

Chávez Jr. (53-6-1, 1 NC) made his professional debut in 2003. Former WBC Continental America and WBC Latino super welterweight champion, “The Legend’s Son” defeated Sebastian Zbik for the weight title. WBC middleweight in 2011. Defending him three times, Chávez Jr. lost the title to Sergio Martínez in 2012.

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Chávez Jr.’s loss to Canelo Álvarez in 2017 changed his momentum. Injuries and fight delays affected his status in the world. Against Daniel Jacobs, Chávez. Jr. lost weight and stopped the fight on his own in the fifth round, which was deemed controversial. He was later suspended for failing to provide a drug test for that fight.

Against Silva, Chávez Jr. lost weight again and was unable to form any offense against the former UFC middleweight champion. It was a huge blow to the boxing community and his family. His last fight was a win against David Zegarra, ending the year with some momentum.

Chávez Jr.’s father has said that if he no longer has the same passion for sports, maybe it’s time to retire. Chávez could have taken that seriously.

Risking it all

Chavez Jr. revealed to Fight news that Paul’s team offered him $ 1 million- $ 3 million to fight. That didn’t include PPV incentives. Considering the weight difference and how big the fight could be, Chávez Jr. wants a 50-50 split of the earnings. That would be just to consider the fight.

When it comes to the actual fight, Chávez Jr. revealed to TV Boxing the confidence you have in facing Paul and what you would risk doing if there were a loss.

“I can only talk about myself, not other people, I am not here to criticize anyone. I speak analyzing boxing. I hope I can get a few million. [for a fight with] with Jake Paul. If he hits me, I’ll quit, they don’t pay me. I don’t want money if I don’t hit him. Retirement [if I lose], [and I’m] I’m not interested in your money if I don’t win, ”said Chávez Jr. through the boxing scene.

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The right fight

As of yet, no formal announcement has been made about a fight between the two. Another potential fight on the table for Paul includes Silva, who beat Chavez Jr. in that brutal fight in June. There are also Jorge Masvidal and Nate Díaz, who are currently under contract with the UFC.

Paul could also return to the Fury fight (7-0) if there is still interest in that matchup. The fight against Chávez Jr., however, creates the perfect combination of chaos and legitimacy. The status of Chávez Jr. and Paul, especially in today’s social media age, where Chávez Sr. is disappointed in his son’s recent fight is a GIF, could result in some interesting scenarios.

Chávez Jr. has 34 knockout victories and a name to carry the fight. The way he’s speaking, Chávez Jr. has the most to lose compared to Paul, who is taking over boxing step by step. This showdown can be the one that helps both fighters, regardless of the outcome.

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