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“Is my future in danger? I don’t know”

Barça has not beaten a big one for a year and continues to blush before medium and small before the rays that do not stop: the plague of injuries does not remit in a team that continues without winning away, chain six games in a row fitting in the rival’s first time and to which it continues to cost a world to throw between the three suits.

This Wednesday was the first anniversary of the resignation of Josep Maria Bartomeu and on Thursday it will be a year since the last game that Barça beat a great one. It was in the field of Juventus, on a great night for Pedri. Since then he has not won any direct duel with a great and continues to blush against medium and small. In Vallecas, a recently promoted one took his colors again, struck down by the rays that do not cease: the plague of injuries does not remit in a team that has not won in five away games, has chained six games in a row, conceding the first time rival and to which it continues to cost a world to throw between the three suits.

“It is everyone’s fault. For better and for worse we are a team,” Busquets has sentenced. “It is worrisome at a general level.” The captain has assumed responsibility for Falcao’s goal. “In the goal I fall asleep and I they steal the wallet. We lack a bit of everything: to go, believe, concentration, luck. We don’t play disastrous games, we have chances, today even a penalty … But if you add everything up it’s very difficult because they score us and we don’t. “

For the sixth game in a row Ter Stegen has conceded on the rival’s first occasion. Those who said that the problem was Messi, that he was not running and that without him Barça would play better confirm that his prediction has been as wrong as Bartomeu’s phrase that the club was not experiencing an «institutional crisis». A year later, neither the president nor the Argentine forward are there and no one answers the question that Koeman asked at the end of the season: “who will score Messi’s 30 goals when he’s gone?”

Against Rayo, Barça has once again shown the lack of aim, but of the ability to generate chances. The first and only shot between the three suits was in the 71st minute on the penalty scored by a Memphis that has run aground.

“Normally we have players who can score goals, Agüero has always been a scorer and Memphis has been scoring 15-20 goals per season for years,” said the Dutch coach when questioned about the number of a goal in his five away games. “We are unlucky, we have injuries, they are excuses,” said Koeman, adding De Jong and Ansu Fati to the casualty list.

Mental block

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Since the season began, apart from losing pieces like Messi or Griezmann, he has seen up to 15 players have been in the infirmary, something that complicates things when making the eleven. “We played a good game despite the casualties, but you can’t say when you don’t score.” He has only celebrated nine goals in the last 10 games. The Barça coach assumed that the bad dynamics of results may be affecting the team mentally. “It’s normal, scoring or drawing gives us morale, you see another game in which you feel superior with great opportunities and not scores, there comes a time when you have more doubts than normal.”

The image of Koeman with his hands in his pockets during the match gave off the same desolation as in the press room, when he responded with a laconic “I don’t know” as to whether his position is in danger after the defeats against Madrid and Rayo. “There are many games ahead, of course I am concerned about effectiveness. I’m not worried about our game. I know that in Spain this does not count, it is 1-0 and it is better not to say anything ». “It’s incredible that we lost today,” finished a coach who sees how, after having gained some air with the triumphs against Valencia and Dinamo Kiev, now shadows are drawn over his future.

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