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Is Piqué dating a student?

The Barcelona defender, upon arrival at a press conference. / AFP

British tabloids give name and face to the supposed new girlfriend of the culé, a 23-year-old girl whom he would have met in a pub

alleged girlfriend of Gerard Piqué. She is called Clara Chia Martí, surnames that together sound like Chamartín, the legendary stadium of Real Madrid, no matter how much it hurts the culé defender. She is only 23 years old and is a student, although apparently she has already avoided unemployment thanks to a contract as an event organizer at the Kosmos company, owned by the footballer. All this is revealed by the British newspaper ‘The Sun’, which is not the bible of credibility either. But, if confirmed, we would be facing a bombshell comparable to the one caused by the bullfighter Enrique Ponce and the university student Ana Soria, who have been together for two years, although at the time no one believed it.

Two months after the surprising and for many inexplicable separation of Piqué and Shakira, there are those who already believe they have found the cause of the break by making good the French saying ‘Cherchez la femme’ (look for the woman). As if women were always the ultimate cause of all crimes of the heart… Another cliché that would come true if the news is confirmed is that all men who separate do so to go with a younger woman. Well, everyone except Charles of England, but he would be the exception that confirms the rule. In the case at hand, Piqué’s alleged new girlfriend is 22 years younger than Shakira (45) and twelve years younger than the footballer (35).

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To find out something about Clara Chia Martí, you have to go to the British tabloids, because the young woman’s social profiles have been erased without a trace. According to these newspapers, she is a Public Relations student (tremendous premonition: for her public relationship with Piqué) whom the Barça defender met in a Barcelona pub where she worked as a waitress. At the moment a photo has been released in which she appears dressed in white, sitting at what looks like an office desk and covering her nose while she laughs (a very typical gesture of generation Z).

Piqué, a textbook ‘millennial’, is the father of Milan and Sacha, aged nine and seven respectively. And until the moment of the breakup, he had had almost twelve years of supposedly uninterrupted love with Shakira. As a source close to the footballer has confessed to the British journalist Simon Boyle, his relationship with the student began a few months ago and was the best kept secret of his environment, which reinforces the theory that the trigger for the breakup has been a prolonged infidelity that the Colombian singer would not have been willing to forgive.

“I mean it”

The other theory is that Piqué himself, as much in love with Clara Chia as Ponce with Ana Soria, decided to take the bull by the horns and break up with the mother of his children. The latter is signed by those who affirm that the striker, far from flirting, “is serious.” The news that Piqué had been caught fooling around with a blonde in a restaurant, to which he had gone “six or seven times”, actually jumped in early July. However, the Colombian’s ex-brother-in-law declared at the time that “more than infidelity, the separation is due to an economic problem between the two.”

Shakira, in addition to a painful separation, is currently facing a trial in Spain for tax fraud in which they ask for eight years in prison. The singer lives one of her most bitter moments while Piqué, if her new relationship is confirmed, could be in the clouds, perhaps thinking that the stars have come together to give her a new love. Now, her surname is almost Chamartín. He, second, Bernabeu… There are really perverse astral conjunctions.

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