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Is pirated software allowed in Russia?

Many news outlets earnestly state that the government is considering lifting restrictions on pirated software. “The authorities are discussing the abolition of responsibility for the use of pirated programs”, “Pickers are being legalized in Russia” – these are the headlines that appeared on the many prestigious news websites.

However, there are some doubts about the veracity of this information according to the Russians. The location of the file on the network suggests its origin. The document called “PLAN of priority actions to ensure the development of the Russian economy in the face of pressure from external sanctions” for some reason is not on the portal of the Ministry of Economic Development, but on the website of the Construction news agency Business.

“We do not underestimate in the least the merits of our creators, but there are still doubts that the adoption of such decisions is within their competence”, affirm the Russian authorities. As it turns out, the Ministry of Digital Development did not offer exemption from liability for the use of unlicensed software, according to the media of the communist-Stalinist regime.

Although, as we have already seen, the veracity of the information that comes from Russia these days leaves much to be desired, and within their online war, it is not surprising that they allow the use of unlicensed programs, pirates and other digital malpractice .

Disadvantages of pirated software

By using pirated software, the user is exposed to various technical, legal and moral risks. Please note that the risks listed below are entirely monetary.

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Is pirated software allowed in Russia for the duration of the Ukraine invasion?

Risks associated with the use of pirated (unlicensed) software

  • Increased probability of general system failure, interruption of work in the company.
  • Increased risk of leaking confidential information to third parties and competitors.
  • Risk of loss and damage of important information (documents, reports, customer databases, photographs, etc.).
  • Frequent computer crashes that affect the performance of subordinates.
  • Legal risks: seizure of computers, imposition of fines, initiation of criminal proceedings.
  • The risk of loss of confidence on the part of partners and investors, the impossibility of passing audit and certification, the impossibility of entering the foreign market.

Remember that by using unlicensed software in the company, the manager not only exposes himself, but also the subordinates who use these programs with a legal risk. Be vigilant, campaigns to verify the implementation of the Copyright Law have recently intensified significantly.

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