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Is there a risk of shortages of medicines and food after the storm Filomena?




Is there a risk of shortages this week?

Roadblocks left many freight trucks standing on the tracks. Faced with a possible shortage of goods today, the UNO Logística employers’ association, along with Transport and the UME, have worked to prevent it. Thus, in the words of its president, Francisco Aranda, he does not believe that there will finally be a supply cut, but for this they have had to face serious problems. “We are facing the situation with many problems, but solving them little by little,” Aranda explained to this newspaper. “We prioritize the distribution of vaccines, medicines and food,” he said. Likewise, the absolute priority is to clear all logistics ships of snow and ice located in Madrid and in some provinces of Castilla-La Mancha, since from these points they connect with all of Spain. For their part, supermarkets also do not believe that they will have supply problems. In the words of Ignacio García Magarzo, general director of Asedas, Mercadona and Dia employers’ association, among others, although on Saturday there was a lack of fresh products “when everything recovers, the replenishment in stores is very fast,” he told ABC.

Can the company deduct my salary if I am not going to work?

The absence from work due to inclement weather is justified and cannot be sanctioned by the company. Although the absence would be justified, it is not a paid leave, so there are two solutions: the company removes the amount of that day of the monthly salary or the worker recovers the hours, subtract the day from your vacations or, if you have them, from your own business hours and days. In addition, in many situations this absence from the job can be compensated with teleworking. Logically, any decision by the employer or the worker must be agreed between both, taking into account what their respective collective agreement contains.

Do I have to take the children to school?

If classes have not been suspended, as in the Community of Madrid and in other regions, but there are problems getting to school due to snow, rain or floods, the lack of attendance would be justified and would not entail any warning to the student.

Can I miss work if there are no classes and I have to stay with the children at home?

When one of the parents must stay at home taking care of their children of school age because the school has not opened due to the effects of the storm and they do not have anyone to leave them with, they cannot be sanctioned by the company for not attending their position of job. If they couldn’t telecommute, they must make up the hours or take it as a day of their vacation because it is not paid leave. Or accept that the employer subtracts the day from their salary.

What if I have to take care of dependent people?

This week there will be many cases in which dependent people will not be able to go to their day centers, so someone has to stay at home in their care. This absence from work is also justified, as in the previous cases.

Does the insurance cover the removal of the vehicle abandoned in the snow?

Vehicle insurance typically covers assistance, towing, and car salvage. Therefore, the removal of it from the snow must be carried out by a crane from the insurance company. Most likely, you will have to wait longer than normal due to the many cases that occur.

Can the municipal tow truck take the car or the Police or the Civil Guard fine me?

In exceptional situations, such as a heavy snowfall, if the vehicle is removed by a municipal tow truck before the insurance one arrives because it interferes with traffic, the owner of the same will be able to collect the car from the municipal depot at no charge. Both the Municipal Police and the Civil Guard should not penalize vehicles abandoned in the snow Unless their owners do not collect them once the streets and tracks have been cleaned. and their situation may be dangerous for the circulation.

Does insurance take care of the car battery if it breaks down after many hours in the snow?

The insurance company will tow the vehicle to a workshop or the home of the insured, but the change of the battery is the responsibility of the driver. The crane employee can offer you a new one and install it, but you must pay for it on the spot.

What if large branches fall on the vehicle?

In this case we would also be covered by the insurance we have. Both the damage and the possible towing of the vehicle. If the firefighters must intervene, it will not cost the affected person either. Another issue, which does not affect the user, is that your insurance later claims the damages to the city hall, if the tree was in a public area, or a community of owners if it was in a private area.

Does home insurance cover damage to the home?

Almost all the damages caused by the storm Filomena are covered by insurance. The first thing that the affected person has to know is the conditions of their insurance to know what elements of them are covered and under what conditions. For example, broken blinds and glass are typically covered by insurance, as is damage to water pipes that freeze. The same happens with damages that affect the common areas of a residential building, in which case the insurance contracted by the community of owners will act. This is the case of cornices, roofs and any element of the building’s façades.

What happens to the tickets of my canceled trips?

The Ministry of Consumer Affairs yesterday reminded travel companies, agencies and operators that people who have had their trips canceled are entitled to a refund. Airlines can offer alternative bonuses that the user can accept or not. Otherwise, you must collect the money for the ticket. In any case, the Ministry recommends all air transport users to consult the website of the Spanish Air Safety Agency (AESA) for this type of travel. If the journey was to be by train, you have to consult the Renfe conditions enabled in this case. If it is by bus, you can choose between a voucher or collect the money within a period of 14 days, while if the trip was by sea, the company has a period of seven days to return the money to the consumer.

What happens to the money I paid for a canceled event?

In this case, Consumption indicates that the suspension of the event entitles the user to a refund of all the payments that have been made. The request for refunds of the amounts paid must be made to the service provider from whom the purchase was made. Likewise, and in the event that the event is not canceled but the user cannot attend due to the storm, Consumption advises checking the conditions of the contract to verify if these cancellation circumstances are foreseen.

What about delays in the delivery of packages at home?

With regard to e-commerce purchases, the supplying company must deliver the goods without undue delay and within a maximum period of 30 days, from the conclusion of the contract, unless other delivery terms have been agreed. If the delivery period is not met due to the storm, the buyer may grant an additional period to the company for the delivery of the goods. In the event that the goods are not delivered within said additional period, regardless of the cause, you will have the right to withdraw from the contract. In this case, the company must reimburse all the amounts paid without any delay.

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