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Is there a submarine over the Alicante Hospital?

A submarine over the Alicante Hospital? That’s how it is. But it is not what it seems. Or if. The boat is visible from some sections of the Calle del Maestro Alonso and it is impossible that its shape and its yellow color do not attract the attention of those who walk through that area. The truth is the ‘ship’ has been docked at the hospital for four years from the capital, but not everyone has noticed his presence or know what he is doing there.

Twitter user @ JotaPérez explained in a couple of posts why This submarine crowns one of the roofs of the Alicante hospital and the beautiful story behind it. The boat is just one part of a playground created so that admitted children have a space in which to play. The facility was built by Juanín’s father, a boy who died of cancer in 2002. To keep his memory alive, the father decided to use all the money raised to fight his son’s illness to create an outdoor play area for the little ones who remain admitted to the center. A beautiful action that was echoed by INFORMATION on the day the installation was inaugurated

A yellow submarine in the hospital

The sea reaches the terrace of the Pediatric area of ​​the General Hospital of Alicante, where this playground was inaugurated in 2017. A space in which there are games in the form of fish, surfboards or bridges and even a huge yellow submarine visible from the Gran Vía. Quite a respite for children admitted to the health center, who often spend weeks without being able to go out on the street.

This park was able to start up thanks to the donation of almost 71,000 euros made by the Juan Oliver Foundation, which at the time collected money for try to save the life of a young man who died in 2002 of cancer. As the money was not enough to cover the entire work, many companies and personnel of the General Hospital also collaborated selflessly, collecting money to finance it.


The General Hospital of Alicante creates a playground for admitted minors

This space was baptized as “Parque Juanín”, son of one of the hospital maintenance workers, who spent a good part of his life in the center. During the years of fighting the disease, the Juan Oliver Jiménez Foundation was created to obtain financing for the treatments that had to be carried out outside of Alicante.

Nevertheless, Juanín died in December 2002 of a neurofibromatosis that he could not overcome. The foundation was dissolved years later and his father, to keep his memory alive and after evaluating various alternatives, thought that the best way to do it would be through building this park with the money raised over the years to fight his son’s illness. With it, you could provide a pleasant environment so that parents, siblings and friends of hospitalized children can make them enjoy, for a while, a playful and pleasant environment outdoors. The space is the first of its kind to be set up in a Community hospital.

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