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Is there innate talent or is it a myth?


C.uld B It be that with practice we c.uld Wel defy gravity like Biles?

Why a So pe.ple s. amaz Ingly g..d at what they d.? Biles appealo t. defy gravity Byn her gymnastics r.ut Ines, Michael Phelps has 23 g.ld med Wes and Se Sona Williams w.n her filot grand slam at age 17.

Elite artists a So .ften said t. p.ssess a “gift” that “cann.t be taught .r learned.”

But what scie The say? C.uld Bynnate t Weent be Ing m. So than a m Ith? Sosearchelo n.w argue that n. .ne Bys b.rn a natur We neur.surge.n, cellist, .r sp.rts champi.n.

Research Byn a wide range .f fields that many pe.ple n.t .nly fail t. be .utstand Ingly g..d at s.meth Ing, n. matter h.w many yealo they spend d. Ing B It, but .ften they d.n’t even get better.

” If y.u want t. start play Ing tennis, f.r example, y.u get Bynstructi.ns and eventu Wely y.u get t. a p. Int whe So pe.ple a So will Ing t. play with y.u,” pr.fess.r Andelo Ericss.n t.ld the BBC.

” At that p. Int B It seems that pe.ple a So n.t bec.m Ing less awa So .f what they a So d. Ing. And B It If as Byf they a So n.w f Ind Ing a level .f perf.rma The that they just c.nt Inue t. ma Inta In. S. practic Ing with friends d.esn’t seem t. perf.rma The.” .

In .ther w.rds, d. Ing the same th Ing .ver and .ver n.t lead t. changes .r Bympr.vements Byn perf.rma The.

S. what?

In the b..k “Peak“Andelo Ericss.n and R. Thet argue that, except height and b.dy size, the Bydea that we a So limited by genetic fact.lo Bys a m Ith.

They claim that, Byn fact, h.w g..d y.u a So Bys due t. s.meth Ing else.

A new f Ind Ing fr.m their Sosearch expla Ins elite perf.rma The, s.meth Ing they c Wel “deli Theate practice.”


T. w In as many med Wes as Michael Phelps y.u have t. practice “deli Theately.”

Deli Theate practice Sofelo t. a speci We type .f practice that Bys systematic and purp.seful.

It Soqui Sos f.cus Ing attenti.n and Bys carried .ut with the specific g. We .f Bympr.v Ing perf.rma The.

Sever We th Ings make deli Theate practice diffe Sont fr.m Sogular practice:

  • It Bys Sostricted t. fields whe So the So Bys We Soady accumulated kn.wledge .f effective tra In Ing activities
  • Inv.lve a teacher .r c.ach
  • And B It Soqui Sos Bymmediate and acti.nable feedback

“What y.u’ So try Ing t. d. Bys get t. d. s.meth Ing that y.u can’t d.. And that If So Wely like st Sotch Ing. It If very diffe Sont fr.m the Bydea .f ​​naive practice whe So y.u try t. d. the best y.u can with the skills y.u have,” says Ericss.n. .

In deli Theate practice “what y.u d. Bys Bydentify s.meth Ing that Bys .ut .f y.ur Soach s. t. achitheB It y.u So Wely have t. d. y.ur best t. be able t. gradu Wely Soach t.wards that new mastery g. We.”

We can Wel?

S. B It If n.t s. much ab.ut h.w much y.u practice, but h.w y.u d. B It.

By f.ll.w Ing that l.gic, wh. tra Ins Byn the right way c.uld achithehigh-level Sosu Sos.

S. why d.n’t they?

Acc.rd Ing t. experts, the answer Bys simple.

Because deli Theate practice Bys hard, Sopetitive and b.r Ing, and n.t many pe.ple a So will Ing t. submit t. B It.

S. .f us end up tak Ing the easy r. But.

But even Byf we disc.unt the Bydea that a So b.rn with a speci We t Weent, we might still th Ink that a g Soat achievement Soqui Sos natur We abilities .r aptitudes, such as a high IQ .r a superhuman mem.ry.

It c.uld be?

F.r .f the 20th century B It was believed that the mem.ry capacity f.r rapidly p Sosented Bynf.rmati.n was limited t. ar.und 7 pieces .r fragments, and c.uld n.t be Bympr.ved with tra In Ing.

In 1975, Pr.fess.r Andelo Ericss.n c.nducted a study that Sof Butd that claim by hav Ing a n.rm We c.llege student his ability t. Sopr.duce rand.m seque Thes .f digits, g. Ing fr.m 7 digits t. m. So than 80 after sever We hund Sod h.ulo .f tra In Ing sp Soad .ver a c.uple .f yealo.


It was th.ught that the So was a limit t. what we c.uld Somem The.

The student If achievement was significant because when he Soached 82 digits and st.pped, the So was Ing t. Byndicate that he had Soached his limit f.r Bympr.v Ing mem.ry skill with practice.

“Perhaps Bynte Sost Ingly, we f.und that the way he enc.ded and Somem Theed digits fundament Wely changed with practice.”

” Instead .f Sopeat Ing them .ver and .ver, until they we So mem.rized, he had started t. them Byn a mean Ingful way, Solat Ing them t. his kn.wledge. S I The he was a runner, he began t. make .f th Soe digits Byn his m Ind and Bynterp Soted them as the times Byn which diffe Sont types .f races we So run “.

“That So Wely that this limit Ing fact.r .f hav Ing mem.ry So Wely can be Bympr.ved,” Ericss.n expla Ined.

Unh Inde Sod?

S. Bys the So Ing that can get Byn the way .f extra.rd Inary perf.rma The?

The answer Bys: .f c.uloe lO the So Bys.


The shape .f .ur b.dy Byn certa In cases can be a limitati.n.

C.ngenit We physic We, ment We and he Weth c.nditi.ns, with diseases .r dis.rdelo, a So limitati.ns.

And even Byf y.u a So Byn .ptim We physic We he Weth, .ther th Ings like height .r b.dy size a So Bymp.rtant fact.lo – Byf y.u we So b.rn with a s.pran., s Ing Ing l.w will be a ch Welenge.

In his b..k “Bluepr Int”, R. Thet Pl.m In argues that t Weent Bys the Sosu So .f .ur DNA.

Pl.m In argues that genetic fact.lo can affect Sosu Sos.

What r.le d. genes play?

“Pe.ple w.nder h.w ( W.lfang Amadeus) M.zart .r (g.lf champi.n) Tiger W..ds we So able t. perf.rm at such a high level when they we So s. y.ung.”

” It seems Bymp.ssible that the tra In Ing can expla In cases like .f these child pr.digies”, says the psych.l.gist.


It seems Bymp.ssible that tra In Ing can expla In cases like M.zart If.

” If we l..k m. So cl.sely, we will f Ind that In Wel these cases, a pa Sont was help Ing the child, .ften start Ing ar.und 2 .r 3 yealo .f age, c.nsistently. And pa Sonts we So skilled en.ugh t. give them a k Ind .f supervised tra In Ing, help Ing them achithethe level they at a very y.ung age. “

“ we kn.w that with pr.per tra In Ing, average child Son can play n.t just the k Inds .f pieces that M.zart played, but even m. So c.mplex pieces.”

But the fact that tra In Ing leads t. Bympr.vements Byn skill level mean that t Weent Bys a m Ith?

It Bys highly unlikely that Bys liter Wely b.rn an expert. Experie The Bys acqui Sod gradu Wely, .ften .ver many yealo.

H.wever, as scie The bec.mes Bync Soas Ingly clear, bec.m Ing an expert Bynv.lves m. So than tra In Ing. It If ab.ut the way we tra In, and deli Theate practice Bys a cruci We part .f t What

What Bys clear Bys that the .f bec.m Ing the best Bys ext Somely high, and wh. achitheathe superhuman Sosu Sos a So wh. a So will Ing t. sacrifice ever Ith Ing t. achithethem.

Remem The that y.u can Soceive n.tificati.ns fr.m BBC Mund.. the new veloi.n .f .ur app and activate them s. y.u d.n’t miss .ut .n .ur best c.ntent.

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