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Is this the best series today? That’s what critics think

A couple of days ago the North American critics’ awards were presented, and the great winner has been one of the star series of Apple TV +.

As in almost everything, also in the world of television, Apple plays in another league. your platform AppleTV+ has a very short catalog, compared to the competition, but in return all his series and movies are originalthat is, they are not broadcast on any other platform.

Although most of the Apple TV + series have an intimate character, with very focused themes, some of them have managed to reach the general public and become a great audience success.

The great star of the Apple TV + catalog is ted lassoa fun comedy series that has won four awards at The Critics Choice Awards, the prizes of the North American professional critic. Among them, the best comedy series of 2021 (he already won it in 2020). Awards that add to his 7 Emmys. Here you can see the trailer for season 2.

ted lasso tells the story of an American football coach, who is hired by the British football club Richmond. An idea that has no headsince they are completely different sports, and that would never happen in the real world.

The series does not try too hard to make it credible either: even Ted Lasso (Jason Sudeikis) himself confesses that he doesn’t know what offside iswhen it arrives in the UK.

But you just accepted it, because this is not a football series. The plot revolves around the relationships that Ted Lasso establishes with his Richmond players, employees and managers.

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The strong point is the optimistic and cheerful character of Lassowho always tries to win over everyone with his good deeds, even his enemies, despite the internal drama that he himself lives.

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It’s not the best comedy series ever, but It is a positive and hopeful series, who does not seek laughter but smiles, and leaves a good taste in your mouth when you finish watching an episode. Something that is greatly appreciated in these dark times we live in.

Ted Lasso has won 4 awards at The Critics Choice Awards (2022). They are the award for Best Comedy Series, Best Comedy Actor (Jason Sudeikis) best comedy supporting actress (Club President Hannah Waddingham), and best comedy supporting actor (Brett Goldstein, who plays cranky footballer Roy Kent).

The Apple series has surpassed Succession, the HBO Max series that has won three awards, including Best Drama Series.

Curiously, Brett Goldstein was a trend a few months ago, because people were debating on social networks if he was a real person, or a CGI:

Brett Goldstein, who is also a producer and writer on the series, didn’t take it very well. We suppose that now has won an Emmy and a critics award for his performancehe will be laughing at all those who said he looked like a FIFA player…

The two seasons of Ted Lasso are broadcast exclusively on Apple TV +, and the third is already being filmed.

Remember that you do not need to have an Apple device to enjoy Apple TV +. It works on mobiles (also Android), TVs, PCs, Chromecast, Fire TV, etc., and you can try 7 days for free. then it costs 4.99 euros per month.

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If you have a PS4 or PS5 console, right now there is a promotion in which they give you between 3 and 6 months of Apple TV +.

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