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Isa Drammeh, the top scorer without limits

  • The Badalona forward, 18 years old and 1.98 meters tall, shines in the national youth league with 17 goals in 17 games

  • The striker, with origins in Guinea Conakry, was born in Girona and now lives with a host family in Santa Coloma de Gramenet

  • He spends up to four hours a day watching football, especially videos of his idols: Cristiano, Mahrez and Ronaldo Nazario, his favorite.

The first thing the attention seeing it is his height. You don’t have to be a line to distinguish it from the others. Isa Drammeh (Girona, 18 years old) measures 1.98 meters, but it is quite light for his height. Barely weighs 78 kilos. Still the topic is not missing. «People see a tall black and you already think about him basketball. They tell me even by the StreetBut I play soccer, ”he smiles. His is not the basket. Prefer riddling goals. Isa plays in the Badalona and is the top scorer of the Catalan group of the National Youth League with 17 goals in 17 games.

In the extensive meeting with EL PERIÓDICO, the tall striker soon started chatting with the photographer. «You can talk to me in Catalan. I have noticed by your accent that you will prefer it », points out the scorer born in Girona lands. Now he lives in the center of Santa Coloma de Gramenet with a host family. «It is as if I had adopted, between quotation marks”. His people, on the other hand, continue in another Santa Coloma, located 70 kilometers away: Santa Coloma de Farners, where he escapes whenever he has a free time. There he spent his childhood with his parents and siblings.

Beginnings in the Farners

In Girona his passion for the ball. «My older brother played soccer, I always went to see him. I started to play ball in a Park. I had a great time with the children. Then I played in the Farners, where I have already scored many goals ». Sure. In the 2018-19 season he achieved 28 points in the whole of Girona.

“My parents are from Guinea Conakry. They came to Spain to work in search of a better future. If I achieve my goal, they will be able to rest.”

Isa Drammeh, forward of youth A of Badalona

His level dropped in the Fornells, your next destination. I was not happy there and the option of the Badalona with his coach Santi Alvarez to the head. «In February of last year his representative called me. We went to see him, we had a month of trial and he convinced us, but we could not sign him because just at that moment the pandemic. We also had a hard time getting come down, but this season we have already been able to enjoy him », says his coach, one of the people who know him best.

To train by bus

In the escapulate club he has found “a family,” as Isa likes to say, that you do not have a driver’s license yet and go to training in bus. In a season with a couple of stops for the blissful COVID-19, the forward especially remembers his goals against Espanyol and Damm. “Years ago I thought I would not play against these teams. Is a run to be able to enjoy those moments », he reflects.

The ram is clear about his references. «I would tell you three: Cristiano Ronaldo, Riyad Mahrez and above all, Ronaldo Nazario». Y Messi? «I love it, it’s from another world, but since we don’t have the same way of playing, I pay more attention to others ». To the Portuguese star of the Juventus and to the skilled end of the City you can see them every weekend. His passion for The phenomenon it seems weirder. Isa was born on July 18, 2002, days after the Brazilian was proclaimed world champion in Yokohama with two goals in the final against Germany.

He spends up to four hours a day watching football, especially videos of his idols: Cristiano, Mahrez and Ronaldo Nazario, his favorite.

«I enjoy your videos. It was great Ronaldo. I spend all day watching games. It is a way to study the players, to see how they move, how they become unmarked, and then apply it on the field. I can see football four hours a day if I have time”. Running outdoors and take pictures are other of his hobbies. «Nothing of the other world, I am So normal».

“Isa has a beastly power. She is unstoppable among boys her age. She is the sweetest piece on the market”

Santi Álvarez, coach of youth A of Badalona

“A sensational boy”

Badalona has finished the first phase in the third position of his group, only behind Damm and Girona. With 17 goals Isa stands out on the list of gunners. The second is Marc roquet (Manlleu) with 11. Not even the players of the Barça from the other subgroup they approach him. «He is almost two meters tall, but he is very coordinated. Has a bestial power. With boys his age is unstoppable. Everything that reaches the top finishes it off well and his hitting is spectacular with both legs. Is very differential»Describes his coach, who also highlights his desire to progress.

“Is a feather that was little worked in previous years. He had no trainers. He is very responsive, always listen, with a great predisposition to learn and improve. It seems to me a sensational boy as a student and a player. I know that you have already had offers. It is the most sweet piece of the market ”, reveals the technician.

The usual scourge

Santi compares his player to Sadiq umar, the Nigerian forward of the Almeria who is embroidering it in Second. The origins of Isa are also in Africa, specifically in Guinea Conakry, in the western part of the continent. «My parents came to Spain in search of a better future. Now they continue working here. If I achieve my goal, they will be able to rest ”, says excited Isa, who would love to go back to its roots. «I went when I was little, but I don’t have many memories, I hope to return soon, perhaps this summer or the next, “he confesses.

“In the fields they tell me ‘you nigga, you’re 40’. Racism will never go away. It’s impossible.”

Isa Drammeh

It may interest you

The goals have become the forward’s best travel companion, who also coexists as best he can with him racism. “I’m already used to it. It is so common that I don’t even realize it. They tell me ‘Fucking nigga, you’re 40 years old’ or ‘go play basketball’. Everything is over. It is the best. Is a scourge that will never disappear from football. It is impossible”.

The youth striker of Badalona remembers harsh environments, like the one who lived in the field of Jabac terrassa at the end of January. «It is better not to answer. I don’t want to catch up with him. I prefer to focus on playing and put them all», Concludes the scorer.

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