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Isabel Pantoja prepares to leave Cantora

Isabel Pantoja, during the last trial. / Eph

The tonadillera has decided to speed up the sale of the farm that has been her refuge in recent years

For a long time, Isabel Pantoja did not leave Cantora to stay with her mother, Doña Ana, who died in September of last year. Now, it seems that her loss has been the trigger for which tonadillera has made the decision to leave the farm where she has been confined in recent months. According to Antonio Rossi in the Ana Rosa Program, Isabel Pantoja has given the order to have everything necessary to sell her property.

According to the journalist, this decision would not have to do with the debts that are talked about so much, nor with the claim made by his son, Kiko Rivera, on his part of the property, but rather it would be a sentimental matter. It seems that the death of the matriarch would have plunged the singer into a state that would not allow her to enjoy her house and she would be “desperate to find a buyer and leave.”

However, for the sale of this farm located in the Cadiz town of Medina Sidonia, he needs to agree with the other owner, who is none other than his son, which is why he has given the order to contact the lawyers of Dj in order to speed up the sale. “He is in a desperate situation. After the death of his mother he does not want to be there any longer. He wants to sell and leave, but he has to talk to Kiko Rivera’s lawyers », Antonio Rossi recounted. In any case, the situation of the singer is such that she would be willing to go to Rocío for a while while the operation is closed, although her final destination would be in Madrid.

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Cantora is more than a farm of 500 hectares and 2,000 meters built. It was the dream of Francisco Rivera ‘Paquirri’ to form his home there together with a very young Isabel Pantoja, a home that he was able to enjoy little due to her premature death. Later it became the resting place of the tonadillera. Large birthday parties for the artist and Christmas gatherings have been held there. Many stories have been told about the singer, since the singer’s admirers have been the ones who have paid for the reform of the kitchen or the lighting of the garden, until her youngest daughter, Isa Pantoja, has had to jump the fence to being able to visit her mother when no one answered the door.

In recent months, it has become the refuge where Isabel Pantoja seems to hide from the problems that haunt her: the breakup with her son and the last legal case that brought her back to the dock for punishable insolvency. On more than one occasion she has drawn attention to the fact that she spent months in a row without leaving the walls of Cantora, to which she responded emphatically: “It’s my house!”. With a special emphasis on the “me” and that tone that characterizes it so much. However, it seems that Cantora’s walls are finally falling on top of her and she would be willing to put the land in between forever.

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