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Isabel Peralta, the Spanish Falangist leader, goes to Germany on a scholarship from a Nazi party

Isabel Peralta, in the tribute to the Blue Division.

It became famous, viral, arm raised, fascist salute, blue shirt, during a tribute to the Blue Division that was held in Madrid last February. Isabel Peralta was only 18 years old and gave a speech in which she blamed Jews for all the evils in the world. The prosecution then asked that he be charged with a hate crime. Neo-Nazi groups from all over the world praised her and now one of the most violent has invited her to “complete her training,” according to what CASO ABIERTO, the news and events channel of Prensa Ibérica, has learned.

On September 7, Peralta took a plane in Madrid to Dusseldorf, the capital of the Rhineland-Palatinate lander and one of the most powerful places the neo-Nazi party Der III Weg (The Third Path or The Third Path), according to police sources explained to this medium. He had accepted the invitation of this neo-Nazi group to spend ten months with them, learn their propaganda and combat techniques, and then return to Spain.

Support for Nazis

The third path it is an anti-Semitic, racist and anti-capitalist party. Its president is Klaus Armstroff, an electrician who was in charge of the old neo-Nazi party NPD. In it there are also former members of the FNS, a group that was banned in Germany seven years ago. The party that will train the young Spanish neo-Nazi became known in Germany when it organized marches of support for the Nazi war criminal Erich Priebke, discovered and processed in 1996 and he is sentenced to life imprisonment for your participation in the slaughter of the Ardeatine Pits, in 1944, in Italy.

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Before leaving, his fellow fascists threw him a farewell party in Madrid. Her German hosts prepare her to be their “ambassador” in Spain

Isabel Peralta has been with her German neo-Nazi “teachers” for more than a month. This autumn, Der III Weg has organized, for example, citizen patrol groups to locate and intimidate political refugees in the state of Brandenburg. “Members and sympathizers of our national revolutionary party organize so-called border crossings at said outer borders of our homeland. Well equipped, our activists now walk through the border regions to locate illegal aliens. This time we will not stand idly by while millions of foreigners come to our country “.

Neo-Nazi march in tribute to the fallen of the Blue Division in Madrid, on February 13, 2021. EFE


The young Spanish neo-Nazi has also been able to verify in these first months of her stay in Germany the increasingly fluid connections between fascist groups and anti-vaccine movements and the measures to fight the covid. His German patrons took part in a student march against the restrictions on 9 October in Dresden. He has also been able to participate in training weekends, including one entitled: “Fundamentals of Communism. The Left Sucks.”

Two days before leaving, his Spanish fascist comrades they fired her with a party held in a local in Madrid. Isabel Peralta was radiant, according to the sources consulted by this medium. She was leaving with all expenses paid and her German hosts had written several messages in which they already called her your “ambassador” in Spain.

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This was Isabel Peralta’s speech during a tribute to the Blue Division that was held in Madrid in February:


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