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Israel and Hamas: Provocative Agents | Opinion

The president of the United States, Joe Biden, during an appearance.
The president of the United States, Joe Biden, during an appearance.TASOS KATOPODIS / POOL / EFE

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Every president is obliged to have a vision. A peace plan even. Sometimes also a solemn summit and a historical photo. Then things return to their place. The results are usually scarce, sometimes reversible. As if a telluric force kept the embers burning, waiting for a devastating fire, like those that periodically take lives, riches and hopes.

We don’t know yet if Joe Biden has a vision. Not even if you want to have her as your predecessors since at least George Bush Sr. Or even if it is good that it has it, in view of the results reaped by those who had it. We know of his low profile until today, when the matter has exploded in his hands. Judging from its first 100 days, it would seem that its only vision was to stay away from the hornet’s nest, to make exactly the minimum effort to correct the crazy vision of its predecessor.

Trump broke with the Palestinian Authority and cut funding to the United Nations refugee agency. He moved the US embassy to Jerusalem. It recognized Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan conquered from Syria. It legitimized the occupations of Palestinian territory. And he wanted to please Netanyahu by breaking the nuclear deal with Iran and sponsoring the establishment of relations with Israel by four Arab countries.

Biden has already corrected some of these steps. Others are irreversible. But in no case will it abandon its commitment to Israel’s security and its right to defend itself, a principle that is state policy in Washington. Nor will the idea of ​​the two states change, one for the Jews and the other for the Palestinians, although politically it is a corpse to which no one provides resurrection maneuvers.

The current fire belies some recent platitudes. It was taken for granted that the Palestinian cause was no longer the axis on which regional politics revolved, displaced towards the Persian Gulf and organized around the enmity between the Sunni oil monarchies and Iranian Shiite Islam. Just as the Palestinian Authority was considered irrelevant, weakened by corruption, the authoritarianism of Mahmoud Abbas and the new postponement of the elections, the first since 2006.

The deterioration of the ungovernable Israeli democracy has also played its part, with four elections in two years, together with the unexpected effect of the pandemic in Gaza, where it had barely arrived and has now caught on with the same fury as in other poor countries with weak infrastructure. sanitary. Only the agents provocateurs were missing, always numerous and effective on both sides and even in the governments, careful to pour oil on the embers, specifically on the holy places of Jerusalem.

This time the threat ranges from the Jordan to the Mediterranean: Gaza above all, also the West Bank, and even Israel, where Israeli Arabs and Jews are mobilizing in the direction of civil war. There is a lot of flammable material accumulated, announcing an unprecedented fire.

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