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Israel announces first settlement expansion in Biden era

Correspondent in Jerusalem



The occupation advances whoever is in the White House. For the first time since the arrival to the presidency of Joe Biden, Israel announced a new plan to build thousands of houses in the colonies of West bank. USA reacted through the spokesman for the State Department, Ned Price, who was “deeply concerned” by this plan of his ally that seeks to reinforce construction in settlements built in areas of the deeper West Bank and showed his “strong opposition to the advance of colonies that collide with efforts to reduce tension and ensure calm. It is a measure that damages the solution of the two states. This is the solution to the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians that Washington and the rest of the international community defend, but which is impossible to implement due to the expansion of colonies that erode the viability of a future Palestinian state.

The Secretary of State, Antony Blink, He also moved token and called the Minister of Defense, Benny Gantz, to cancel the meeting in which this umpteenth expansion of the settlements was to be decided, but the management did not work. The UN and the European Union also called on Israel to stop its plans and recalled that “the colonies are illegal from the point of view of international law.”

But these appeals once again collided with the reality of a colonization that is advancing and will have 3,144 new houses. The Palestinians lamented that “the United States only has words, not actions that can change Israeli policy” and assured that “the new government of Naftali Bennet is no less radical than that of Netanyahu,” according to statements to Reuters by Bassam Al-Salhe. Head of the Executive Committee of the Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

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Criticism in the Government

The Israeli prime minister was the leader of the settler movement and publicly supports burying the two-state solution and annexing the West Bank. In the new government, made up of parties joined only by the desire to end the era NetanyahuHowever, the announcement of the colonies did not sit well and the Labor party took to Twitter where it wrote that “someone who makes diplomatic statements with international implications irresponsibly, without coordination or preparation, and approves 3,000 new homes in Judea and Samaria will not it’s like Rabin. A direct criticism of Gantz, who presents himself as an heir to the policy of the former prime minister who was assassinated by a Jewish ultra-nationalist.

More than 250,000 Israelis live in Jewish neighborhoods raised in occupied areas of East Jerusalem that were annexed by Israel to the municipal territory of the city and another 300,000 do so in the more than one hundred colonies that populate the West Bank, also in the process of expansion despite the condemnation of international justice. Half a million settlers among three million Palestinians.

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