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Israel prepares ground operation in Gaza amid escalating conflict with Palestinians

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Israel intensifies the bombings by land, sea and air and from early in the morning he values ​​the possibility of launching a land operation in Gaza as it already did in 2008 and 2014. The violence is intensifying and according to the latest balance of the Palestinian Ministry of Health they have already died 83 people and there are more than 300 injured. The more than 1,000 rockets launched by Hamas have so far killed seven israelis.

Today the arrival of US diplomat Hady Amr, sent by the US State Department to try to mediate between the parties, is scheduled to arrive. So far the efforts of Qatar and Egypt have failed to achieve a ceasefire, although Hamas has given the green light to halt hostilities “if Israel also stops operations.”

The launch of rockets towards the area of Tel Aviv has forced the Israeli authorities to redirect the planes to the Eilat airport in the south of the country, and several foreign companies have decided suspend flights Israel until the situation calms down.

In addition to the massive bombings, in which they have already destroyed three large residential towers, Israel is committed to selecting its targets, and number one is Mohamed Deif, leader of the Hamas military wing. This morning the Army reported that it had attacked the house of Iyad Tayyeb, one of the commanders of the Islamist group.

Meanwhile, Israel is stockpiling troops along the border from Gaza, and is in “various stages of preparation for ground operations,” said a military spokesman quoted by Reuters, a movement that refers to similar incursions during the war conflicts with Gaza in 2014 and 2008-2009.

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Internal chaos

If the Gaza front were not enough, Israel faces the daily clashes between Jews and Palestinians that have exploded in mixed localities such as Lod, Acre, Haifa, Ramla, Beersheba or Bat Yam. “Israel loses control,” headlines the Ynet news portal in which the nightly riots overshadow the Gaza operation and equate them with the 2000 Intifada.

The supposed coexistence has been blown up in just 48 hours and young Arabs and Palestinians have taken to the streets to attack shops, beat up, stab or burn cars. In Lod, a state of emergency has been decreed and the Border Police have been deployed. In the last 24 hours, 374 people have been arrested, many of them young people as young as 13 years old, according to the Police.

The Minister of Defense, Benny Gantz, considers this front “more dangerous than Gaza” and the prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, asked Arabs and Jews to stop the attacks because “no one can take the law on their own.”

A young Palestinian prepares to throw a Molotov cocktail in Hebron (West Bank)
A young Palestinian prepares to throw a Molotov cocktail in Hebron (West Bank) – Efe

This spiral of violence began among Palestinian Israelis in solidarity with the families who may be evicted from the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of East jerusalem by an organization of settlers and was shot after the police raids on the Esplanade of the Mosques.

The president of the USA, Joe Biden, spoke on Wednesday by phone with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, to whom he expressed “unwavering support” for the country’s security and underlined the “right of Israel to defend itself.” Biden expressed his hope that the current clashes will end “sooner rather than later.”

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From the European Union, the High Representative for Foreign Policy, Josep Borrell, called for an immediate cessation of violence in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories. “Everything must be done to prevent the conflict from expanding, which, above all, will affect the civilian population of both parties,” said Borrell in a statement condemning the actions by the two opposing sides.

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