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“It feels like he’s Robin to Batman right now” – NFL insider thinks Davante Adams could go into business for himself regardless of Aaron Rodgers 

As we approach free agency and get closer to the start of the new league year, questions remain about where Davante Adams and Aaron Rodgers will play next season.

The two have been tied together and have been dependent and considerate of each other’s decisions on where they’re going to play. There were rumors that Rodgers wouldn’t return to Green Bay if the Packers didn’t retain Adams.

NFL Network’s Peter Schrager said on Good Morning Football that Adams has been the Robin to Rodgers’ Batman and has been waiting on his decision.

Schrager said:

“Aaron Rodgers said he’s [Davante Adams] the best wide receiver in the sport. And yet it feels like he’s Robin to Batman right now waiting on Batman’s decision of whether he wants to come back or not. If I’m Davante I might be thinking about myself at this point and not looking at Aaron Rogers and my whole life being tied to Aaron Rodgers. There’s a lot of talk at the Combine about like, ‘Okay, well what if? What if Adams is gone?’ Everyone, just like Rodgers has this Broncos future home that everyone already has set in stone?”

Schrager added that Adams could join the Raiders and reunite with former college teammate Derek Carr. Adams already has a home in Las Vegas and is a West Coast guy.

Green Bay Packers free agent Davante Adams purchased a new home in the Las Vegas area.It will be interesting to see if he signs with the Raiders and his old college teammate Derek Carr.#RaiderNation

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Schrager said:

“He played college ball with Derek Carr. He’s got a home in Las Vegas. He’s a West Coast guy. Like there’s already a place with the Raiders with obviously Renfrow as the number two and Wallers as a tight end. But DeSean Jackson is not going to be your number one wide receiver and Brian Edwards is not going to be your number one wide receiver. Like Davante Adams to open that Vegas-like, McDaniels era would be really cool. And there’s already a place that like makes a lot of sense for him elsewhere. If I’m Davante Adams, I’m not necessarily doing a last-second call to Rodgers being like ‘do you have a decision here?’ I might be thinking more about my own situation, saying ‘gosh, they don’t think I’m worthy of a long-term deal and they don’t want to offer me crazy money? Maybe Green Bay isn’t the place for me.”

The Packers could end up losing both Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams this year

Cleveland Browns v Green Bay Packers

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If Adams isn’t tagged by the Packers, which he isn’t expected to be, he will be free to sign anywhere and have the hottest market for any free agent wide receiver.

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