Tuesday, October 19

“It has been a cruel summer”

The player of the Spanish basketball team Laia Palau said, after her elimination in the quarterfinals of the Tokyo Olympic Games against France (64-67), that it has been “a cruel summer” with this defeat and the one they suffered in the quarterfinals. of the Eurobasket against Serbia.

“It is a sad day for us because it has been a cruel summer, we have lost in the quarterfinals, in a game against a team that we know has won us many times but we have won a few but important, and it was not that day “Palau explained after the match at the Saitama Super Arena.

The captain of the team acknowledged that they did not have “the most wonderful day” in terms of their game but that the team showed that they know how to “do things very well” and that they can “compete against everyone.” “Maybe it has not been the wonderful summer we expected but I predict a good future for Spanish basketball,” he added.

The 41-year-old had hinted that this was going to be her last summer with the national team, but asked to leave her future in the national team for later.

“Today is a day that I know what is going to happen and we all know it but I do not want to talk about this today, I will announce what I have to announce at another time because today my head of emotions will explode, today is One day to be with my people, with my teammates, we are going to spend this regardless of whether I continue playing or not continue playing, and to spend it together, “he declared.

Regarding the approach to the match, Palau said it was “good” and that they knew how to leave France with 67 points, but considered that when they tied the duel with four minutes remaining, they lacked more solidity.

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“When you get closer and you have them in the game and it’s France, and you know they are particularly afraid of us because we’ve won them many times, we should have experienced it as a victory to be 3 points behind France 3 minutes away. Maybe there to have this solidity of saying, we will do it again, but we have been very behind, with unclear options, stumbling and we have not been with freshness and clarity in the final moments “, he analyzed.

Despite everything, Palau recalled that Spain fell only by three points and against the current runner-up in Europe, just as in the Eurobasket they fell with Serbia, which ended up being the champion. “We are there among the greats and we will be among the greats again,” he concluded.


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