Thursday, October 28

“It hit the ground like 15 atomic bombs”: details of the avalanche in the Himalayas that caused more than 200 deaths in February revealed

  • Jonathan Amos
  • Science Correspondent, BBC

Chamoli disaster survivors observing the remains of a dam

Image source, Getty Images


The Chamoli disaster left more than 200 dead.

Nature often takes us by surprise. His power is too often underestimated, with catastrophic consequences.

This was the case with the Chamoli disaster in February, when the flank of a Himalayan mountain broke away and fell into the valley below.

The Avalanche claimed more than 200 lives and destroyed hydroelectric infrastructure for a worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

It is possible that you saw some of the images that were captured at that time that show the ghastly wall of mud running downhill, sweeping everything in its path.

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