Monday, May 17

“It is a disproportion to keep them closed”

The Valencian Community is considering the reopening of the gyms starting next Monday.

The Valencian Community is considering the reopening of the gyms starting next Monday.

Representatives of the physical activity sector and the Generalitat held a new meeting on Tuesday on restrictions against coronavirus, after which the delegate of the Federation of Sports Facilities Employers, Juan Carlos Gómez-Pantoja, has been “very optimistic” that indoor sports facilities and gyms can open next Monday.

Gómez-Pantoja has indicated that, during this working meeting, those responsible for the administration have shown “very receptive” with the requests of opening of the sector. “With current data from the Valencian CommunityWe consider it a disproportion to keep sports centers closed, “he stressed.

“We are optimistic and we hope that next Monday we can open our facilities”, yes, with “capacity restrictions and some other limitations“, said Gómez-Pantoja at the end of the meeting.

The employer’s association has shown the administration a table with the restrictions in force in each community regarding sports centers and they have insisted that the Valencian Community is the only one that keeps them closed.

“We have told you that it seemed like a very tough position, we consider it disproportionate“, Gómez-Pantoja has defended, before highlighting the security protocols of the facilities, in which accesses are controlled:” We know at what time someone enters and leaves and who goes to each class, with how many people they relate to. We know, if there is an infection, detect it and immediately cut the focus“.


Sports facilities entrepreneurs have been in favor of the mandatory nature of masks within the facilities and during sports, although they have transferred to the Generalitat that it is “decisive” that the use of changing rooms and showers be allowed, provided that they are individualized. “We have put the comparison that not leaving showers is like going to restaurants and being able to eat but not drink,” said Gómez-Pantoja.

The representative of the sports centers have indicated that the administration has insisted on addressing the easing of restrictions “calmly” and “go slowly.”

Gómez-Pantoja has insisted on the consequences for “mental and physical” health that can lead to lack of physical exercise. “Many studies say that for one euro spent by our clients, the health and pharmaceutical system saves three. What better policy than to encourage the practice of physical exercise to improve the health of the population?”, He added.

Soccer competitions

The Valencian Community Soccer Federation also participated in the meeting, which has officially asked the Generalitat Valenciana to be able to resume all territorial soccer and futsal competitions from next Monday, March 15.

In addition, there is a 50% capacity in sports facilities, “as allowed in cinemas and theaters during the highest peak of the pandemic”, and a maximum capacity of 20% in stadiums with more than 8,000 spectators.

The federation has insisted that “football does not affect the rate of infections in the Valencian Community, as has been shown by data during the different phases of the pandemic”, and that the accumulated incidence is at July levels, “before the preseason even started.”

He has denounced the “discrimination of sport in the Generalitat Valenciana” and has urged the Generalitat to “take into account the declaration of sport as an essential activity made by the Congress of Deputies”.

It has influenced “the need for the public to enter the facilities so that they are much better controlled and so that the images of family members huddled on the fences of the sports centers are not repeated.”

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