Thursday, October 21

“It is more than likely that when Ayuso is really investigated he will end up in prison”



The second vice president of the Government and leader of Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, has indicated that “It is more than probable” that when the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, is investigated “for real”, “she is charged and ends up in prison.”

«It is a danger for our democracy that these people can govern. They are dangerous, when we say that the PP is synonymous with delinquency and crime we are telling the truth. That profascists can govern is a huge threat, “said the leader of the purple formation in an interview on” Las Cosas Claras “on TVE.

Likewise, Iglesias, who believes that Citizens «will disappear», has recommended to the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, to be “prudent” when saying that it is “finished.” Let’s see if May 4 is going to be Ayuso’s last day. It is necessary that many unmotivated people mobilize and perhaps that arrogance translates into the fact that on the 4th the finishes are the right and the extreme right ”, he stressed.

The Podemos leader explained that the scenario “has completely changed” since now there is a “completely different scenario in which everything is possible.” «You have to debate. That I am finished I have been told a lot of times. My rings do not fall because I am where I have to be, we go out to win », he added.

At this point, he has insisted that «now it’s very difficult but at least there’s a game“And added that” it has completely changed the board. ” «They told me that it was impossible for me to be part of the Government, now I want to be president of the Community of Madrid and there is a possibility. I believe that this lady can leave the government ”, he specified.

“I will not say a bad word about Más Madrid”

Regarding the decision of the spokesman for Citizens in the Congress of Deputies, Edmundo Bal, to appear in the primaries to run for the Presidency of the Community of Madrid, Iglesias has stressed that he “respects” him but believes that it is “too late “Since, in his opinion, the orange formation” made a very serious mistake going to the Plaza de Colón. “

Thus, he has defended that the field of the right “is the ultra-right and the ultra-right.” “When they tried to react in Murcia, the tickets for García Egea were already buying turncoats,” he criticized.

In reference to the electoral campaign, Iglesias has assured that he will not say “a single bad word” to Más Madrid or to the PSOE, which is what the right wants. ” «They will not hear a single bad word from me neither from Más Madrid nor from the PSOE. We have to row together, “he said.

New scuffle with Sánchez

The still second vice president of the Government to the PSOE that if they think that with “a little bit of media pressure” they can bend them, they are wrong. “They are not going to bend us,” he asserted in relation to the regulation of rents in the future Housing Law.

In the interview, Iglesias recalled that the rental agreement was signed in public and that the Prime Minister cannot allow himself to “lie to the face of his voters,” who are going to ask him “what is this about favoring the large landlords when they had signed an agreement to lower rent prices. ‘

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