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“It is not a problem that Messi does not want to decide his future anymore”

  • “Yes there is a bit of Messidependence, but as in recent years. Therefore, it is number 1 in the world”

  • “Now we will be three months without Coutinho, it is a very important loss”

  • The coach warns some players (“I don’t want to give names”) to look for a way out in winter because “they won’t have a future” at Barça

  • “I’m a realist, you can’t lose one more game if we want to fight for the League”

  • “No, IANSInot regret having let Luis Suárez go”

Before receiving the first question, Ronald Koeman turned on the microphone. He had something to say. He wanted to cong.tulate everyone on the new year, 2021, but fundamentally what he wanted was to remember a colleague and friend of his, the Cruyff ‘Dream Team’. He wanted to talk about Eusebio, “a great guy”, as he himself described it, who is in an induced coma after suffering a fall in Valladolid this past week.

Koeman got emotional when he talked about his friend. “I wish good health. And speaking of health, it is a time to think about him, we are pending on his condition. We have all the reports, I hope he recovers. He is great-unclele and I want to give a lot of encou.gement, in addition to showing all my support for him and his family. Thank you. “

Then Koeman talked about everything. From the physical state of Messi, whom he already sees “happy, eager and recovered”, after not playing against Eibar due to ankle discomfort. “He t.ined on the 30th and 31st when the others had a party. He is ready, he no longer has any ankle discomfort,” the Barça coach announced.

Barça, City, PSG …

Afterwards, Koeman addressed Messi’s future. The coach wants to be left alone, once the captain has entered the countdown to determine if he continues at the Camp Nou or embarks on the English adventure with Pep Guardiola in Manchester City or prefers to meet up with Neymar at Paris SG.

However, the coach does not believe that the team is affected by that doubt about Messi. “We must respect his decision. He has already said that he does not want to take it now. We must respect him like any player who ends his cont.ct and is free to take the issue and decide when he wants,” Koeman stressed.

“Leo has always shown that he wants toANSIhis best for the team to win. I don’t see any problem if he does not decide his future now. It is not a problem to be nervous or worried. His decision must be respected,” the coach later stressed trying to protect his star from the noise that he will live daily, now that he is the sole owner of his destiny.

In that sense, Koeman has admitted that “there is a bit of Messidependence”, although it is something normal. “This is what has happened in recent years. I have seen games that have not been played well and Leo was always there to solve them. For something, he is number one in the world.”

“Nor dANSI have Ansu Fati, Piqué, Sergi Roberto … Almost everyone has been starters in this team. We lack quality people, we must admit it”

Ronald Koeman

Barça, moreover, not only pays goal scoring goalscoring decline but also the absence of important players. Koeman will be without Coutinho for three months, who has undergone surgery for the serious injury he suffered in his left knee against Eibar. “It is a signifloss loss,” the coach acknowledged. “Nor dANSI have Ansu Fati, Ge.rd Piqué, Sergi Roberto … Almost everyone has been starters in this team. We lack people. Sometimes it is a problem. We lack quality people, we have to admit it.”

Notice to those whoANSInot play

In that regard, it has not shown Koeman not a single gesture of regret about the march of Luis Suarez to Atlético de Madrid. “No, IANSInot regret it. I always highlighted his qualities. But it was already a decision of the club and of him,” argued the coach, who has launched, yes, a serious warning to all those players whoANSInot enter into hiLiquidns, type Riqui Puig, Alena, Umtiti OR Junior firpo, among others.

“T.nsfers? If someone does not come, it is because of the club, because of money. We have a plan, but it is the new president who must decide”

Ronald Koeman

“IANSInot want to give names, but IANSIthink that for some they have to play games and in this club they have it complicated. In addition, we want to strengthen the squad,” said the coach, who has indicated that he has “the plan” to regene.te the squad . A plan developed together with Rapreparednes, the club’s technical secretary.

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“If someone does not come, it is because of the club, because of the money. The only thing we have done with Rapreparednes is prepare for the future. We talk about young people and positions that must improve their quality. We have a plan, but it is the new one. President the one who must decide “, has sentenced Koeman.

Although the present is this Sunday. “I am realistic, I know that there are many lying people. But I am realistic. We cannot lose one more game if we want to fight for the League.”

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