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“It is possible to beat them at the polls”

The diagnosis is shared beyond ideological ascriptions. The space of the constitutionalist center-right in Catalonia is going through its worst moment. With the PP
at its lowest level of institutional representation, Citizens in free fall and the threat of the rise of Vox, the constitutionalist center-right is currently unable to present an alternative to independence or the possibility that it ends up forging a left tripartite of the PSC with commons and ERC in the Generalitat. In parallel, and beyond the autonomous border, the terrible results of this political space in Catalonia in the general elections are now probably the greatest impediment to the aspirations for change in La Moncloa; PP, Cs and Vox

only six deputies contributed to the Congress of Deputies -two each party- of the 48 that correspond to Catalonia in the last legislative sessions, a meager result that anticipates the perpetuation of the PSOE at the head of the Executive.

About this diagnosis, and the fear that the prolongation of this political slackness will frustrate the possibility of change in Catalonia and the Government of Spain, a group of intellectuals and personalities from Catalan civil society is promoting a manifesto, which will be released in the coming days , which advocates precisely breaking with this defeatist inertia on the conviction that only the union of constitutionalist forces will end the independence governments in Catalonia and populist governments in the whole of Spain. The promoters trust that the publication of the manifesto will be the fuze that propitiates changes in the current Catalan political map, in what is also an appeal to both center-right and left-wing voters disenchanted with the PSC’s tepidity in the face of nationalism.

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“A single project”

The text, to which this newspaper has had access, is clear in this sense by proposing that in the next municipal, regional and general elections, “a political confluence of the constitutionalist world be articulated to present a single project capable of responding to the real problems of Catalan society and defeating both at the polls. to nationalism as well as to populism. ‘ The promoters of the manifesto are based on the idea that the current scheme of parties in Catalonia, with marks that accumulate obvious wear and tear, and the fragmentation of the center-right vote, urgently requires a recomposition and renewal that allow the presentation of “a winning political project ». The manifesto concludes with a sentence for hope: “It is possible to beat them at the polls.”

Personalities such as, among others, the writer and journalist Valentí Puig, the also writer and signer of the manifesto that gave rise to Ciudadanos Ferran Toutain, as well as the former deputy of the PP and businessman Joan Lopez, who will act as spokesperson and visible head, are behind an initiative that aspires in the coming days to collect more support from prominent figures of Catalan society.

The promoters of the manifesto point out that the initiative is a ‘we have come this far’, a cry against resignation and inertia to which, they denounce, the traditional parties have been abandoned, incapable of proposing an attractive alternative that exceeds the methods traditional politics. The example of rebellion, tenacity and conviction of young constitutionalist university students – without fainting despite the harassment to which they are subjected, the latest example in the UAB– It would become a model of inspiration for an initiative that, they trust, will be welcomed by the parties as a catalyst for change.

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The manifesto starts from the diagnosis of a Catalan reality as real as it is uncomfortable after “A decade of social fracture” promoted by pro-independence politicians and the role of a citizenry that, either has directly supported the ‘procés’, or has agreed to it. “The transfer policy, the bilateral negotiation tables and possible amnesties whitewash those who want thousands of Catalans to feel like foreigners in our own country. The equidistance, when there is no direct support for the independence movement, of an important part of the civil and business society of Catalonia has made it possible for the independence movement to be maintained in the institutions, ”says the manifesto.

“More plural”

In the same direction, and in what is also a reproach to the different governments of Spain that have confused a part of Catalonia with the whole, the text recalls that “speaking with the independence government of the Generalitat is not speaking with Catalonia. Catalonia is much more: civil society, families, companies and the self-employed They show a reality much more plural than the one that the autonomous government is trying to show ».

Along these lines, in addition to remembering that «recovering institutional loyalty and neutrality of institutions it is necessary to normalize the daily life of Catalans “, the text stresses that” we non-independence Catalans cannot once again be a bargaining chip for political interests at the national level. We must be politically strong so that the negotiation of the Presidency of the Government or the Budgets does not remain in the hands of the political priorities of nationalist and populist groups, but rather that we can influence the Government to activate a reformist agenda.

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By way of conclusion, and in addition to a closed defense of bilingual Catalonia, the manifesto is also an appeal to the whole of Spain. «What happens in Catalonia is a matter of State and it affects all Spaniards. We want a leading Catalonia, loyal to the whole of Spain, not a Catalonia that claims to be different or superior ”.

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