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“It is shameful that Equality suspects that police officers are racists”




“I have been identified by my skin color or other physical features for no objective reason.” The sandwich with this phrase is pronounced by a young mulatto with a tight gesture, one of the images used by the Ministry of Equality in a campaign launched this weekend via Twitter against the “elimination of racial or ethnic discrimination.” «We advise you on how to report»Reads the poster next to a free telephone so that those who feel aggrieved have no cost when it comes to reporting.

The slogan of the campaign is “What can you do if you suffer racist aggression or discrimination?” With photographs of people of different nationalities and skin color, they are encouraged not to shut up and to act. “It’s your right”. Each of these people launches a specific phrase in which they explain a reason for discrimination or rejection. The campaign advises calling this toll-free number if someone is the object of one of the situations on which the accent is placed. The last is the one that has outraged the police and civil guards. “Call … if you are identified by skin color or other physical features for no objective reason.”

The response from unions and police associations was immediate, in addition to that of numerous private agents. «We find it embarrassing that from an official account of a Ministry suspicions are launched against the work of the Police, suggesting that our interventions with foreign citizens are governed by criteria of race, “says the Unified Police Union (SUP).

From the Pro Guardia Civil Association they went further. «We demand that those responsible for this campaign for Equality say directly if they maintain that the Civil Guard identifies people by physical features and without objective reason. We do know how to denounce them for these defamation ».

Who paid for it

The SUP reiterates the falsity of the accusation on the Body “From an official institution, without any proof, free of charge and using an advertising campaign that we would like to know how and who has designed and, above all, how much it has cost,” they insist from this union, which also responded immediately in the same social network to Equality.

“Some ministries of this Government are getting used to violating the principle of presumption of innocence of others and deteriorating the institutions of the State. And that the Equality does it is even more serious. In the National Police we do much more in a single day for battered women in this country, through our SAF professionals, than the entire Ministry in a year. So lessons, the fair ones. And more on the part of those who disrespect public security professionals, “they add.

The agents of both corps are up in arms in the face of the undisguised accusations and in the face of ignorance of the police work evidenced by Equality, an ignorance that is not limited only to those competences.

The policemen always intervene, also with citizens of other nationalities, in accordance with the principle of legality “which is what guides all our actions. We do not identify anyone by the color of their skin but by actions or behaviors that may be a criminal or administrative offense. The tweet from the Ministry of Equality, therefore, not only constitutes an intolerable lie but rather places the minister and her entire team in the field of fake news and the cheapest demagoguery».

Police sources consulted by ABC clarify that in different sentences, complaints of racist identifications have been rejected, endorsing that within the framework of the prevention of infractions, which appear in Organic Law 4/2000, identify by skin color «is not a discriminatory act, since it is a real and plausible indication that this person is an immigrant and their legal situation in Spain can be verified.

Support from the Ministry of the Interior

The Federal Police Union (UFP) today sent a letter to the Minister of Equality in which he reproached her for “evident ignorance or ignorance of the Law.” “It would not be serious if it were not because you are a minister of the Government of Spain”. They wonder if the police will have to consult with their ministry before carrying out their work and identifying a citizen and if she is going to answer before a judge when they stop doing it for fear of possible complaints.

“You could worry about the harassment and persecution that hundreds of policemen suffer in certain areas of Spain”they say and of the attacks by criminals whom you now intend to protect.

«You exude hatred on those of us who day by day give ourselves the skin to make this country safer (…) But she does not hesitate to come to us when she needs us ”, they make her ugly, reminding her of the permanent surveillance and security service available to her home, she and her partner as members of the Government. “There you will have us, but stop making a fool of yourself with smear campaigns.”

“The FCSEs are the guarantors of the rights and freedoms of all citizens, including foreigners. Police and Civil Guard are at the forefront of the fight against any type of discrimination »

The Ministry of the Interior has not entered into direct confrontation but has published a message of explicit support to the agents using the same channel as Equality, the social network twitter. «The FCSE are the guarantors of the rights and freedoms of all citizens, including foreigners. Police and Civil Guard are at the forefront of the fight against any type of discrimination, whether for racist reasons, beliefs, sexual orientation or others.

The Equality campaign is interpreted as one more provocation in the Podemos strategy to tighten the rope with his Government partners, in this case using the agents as an instrument. And a clear fraternization with his voters, a nod to the most radical theses regardless of who it offends.

Interior has opted for a supportive tweet. On other occasions the reprimand has come through a call to Equality, letter to the minister or reproach in the Council of Ministers.

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