Thursday, November 26

“It is the fascists who should have been identified and thrown out of Pego”

A moment of the concentration that took place last night in the Plaça de l'Ajuntament de Pego.  |  APF

A moment of the concentration that took place last night in the Plaça de l’Ajuntament de Pego. | APF

Last night more than half a thousand people seconded the rally called at Plaça de l’Ajuntament de Caught to demand the immediate release without charge of the ten young people from the local antifascist group arrested for throwing objects and wounding six of the civil guards who on October 18 escorted the ultras fans of the GandiBlues at the exit of the football match that the Caught and the Gandia. The spokeswoman for Antifeixistes de Pego, Abata, revealed that two more young people are in search and capture for these events.

The protesters and some 35 groups that joined the protest, including Pego pensioners, stressed that it is “unfair” that those arrested and those who are going to be held accountable to justice (they are accused of public disorder, attack and threats against authority and hate crime) are those who “stood up to fascism.” Cristina, from the organization Antifeixistes de la Safor, regretted that those who uncorked their hatred and walked through Pego “throwing fascist slogans and making the Nazi salute” could enter the football field and then leave protected by the Civil Guard and the police. “They sowed provocation throughout the town. It is them who should have been identified, punished and expelled from Pego, “said this spokeswoman, who denounced that in Safor the black history” of the radical fans of the GandiBlues group is “well known. “The commitment of Pego and his youth against fascism is admirable,” he proclaimed.

“The neo-Nazis put the provocation and went home, and we have put the detainees”, also denounced Tomàs Llopis, from Acció Cultural del País Valencià. “The town of Pego has always stood out for demonstrating against intolerance,” he said.

The arrests have caused great unrest in Pego. Proof of this is that those attending the rally last night were neighbors of all ages.

The participants agreed in their surprise at the fact that the ten young detainees were charged with the hate crime, which is punishable by between one year and four in prison. “It is outrageous that the neo-Nazis who came to provoke go unpunished and that we are the young people of the town who suffer the repression of the police and judicial powers,” lamented the spokeswoman for Antifeixistes de Pego.

Among the groups demanding the release without charge of those arrested are Dones Cabal, Atzaïlla Associació Cultural, Associació per la Memòria Històrica Maria Dolors Lloret, Xàbia en Moviment or the Ovidi Montllor Cultural Center.

The youth’s lawyers see the ten arrests as “disproportionate”

The detainees began to declare yesterday via telematics before the judge of Dénia. Andreu Moreno, a lawyer representing five of them, considered it “disproportionate” that the Civil Guard carried out the ten arrests. He said it would have been enough to quote them. He assured that there was no risk of flight and that none of the detainees had any intention of evading the action of justice.

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