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it is time to switch to more sustainable mobility

Charge, drive and relax

To its wide LEV range of electric vehicles, Opel adds a series of additional services and advantages that make switching to electric mobility as easy as possible. The idea is that drivers of these models hardly have to worry about loading the vehicle and driving it.

Specifically, people who purchase an electric model from Opel’s LEV range will enjoy free exclusive services such as a 90-day or 3,000 km exchange guarantee for another model with an internal combustion engine, if the electric one they have bought does not convince them.

Other interesting services included are the possibility of having a replacement diesel or gasoline car for the holidays, on-site assistance in case of discharge or battery failure or insurance for the cable and the charging station that protects them against theft or acts of vandalism

test electrical conduction

Precisely one of Opel’s goals is to make the transition to electric driving as comfortable and safe as possible. For this reason, it offers the possibility of taking the electric car that the driver chooses to his home so that he can test it with confidence.

Opel Corsa-e during a recharge

In this way, it is not only possible to test drive the model to check that it fits its future owner. In addition, those people who so wish will be able to check if electric driving is indeed for them.

The easiest purchase

Opel offers the possibility of taking the electric car that the driver chooses to his home to test it

Not only is it easier than ever to make sure you’ve made the right choice when buying an electric car. Even the purchase process itself is more intuitive and convenient than ever. So much so, that Opel allows you to purchase your vehicles completely online, through the Opel Store. Among the models that can be purchased are the Corsa-e, Mokka-e, the plug-in hybrid Astra and the plug-in hybrid Grandland.

Buying a car through the Opel Store entails a series of exclusive advantages, such as three years of insurance, maintenance and warranty included, or a 30-day return if the vehicle does not satisfy its new owner.

In addition, it offers access to financing from home in a fast and agile way, with all the guarantees of online shopping.

In terms of economics, the current offer of the LEV Opel range seeks to favor customer access to its electric models. In this sense, the monthly access fee to electric models is the same as that of diesel or gasoline vehicles.

To these facilities we must add the aid and subsidies of the MOVES Plan to promote the electric vehicle in Spain. The models in the LEV Opel range can benefit from them because they have a zero emissions label from the DGT.

The time to bet on more sustainable mobility has arrived and it has never been so easy to join it.

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