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“It no longer has fish markets!”, Adamari López makes an impact with a white dress that shows her thinness

The favorite presenter of the show TelemundoToday”, Adamari Lopez, continues to leave his fans and followers with his mouth open with his new figure. The thinness of “La Chaparrita” was evidenced with a white lace dress she wore and that led to them being told that: “It no longer has markets!” His weightloss it is becoming more and more evident and the public keeps asking him how he managed to lose all those extra pounds that he had.

Thousands are the compliments and compliments that the Puerto Rican and Alaïa’s mother, who was a long time struggling with being overweight. But her effort and determination have made that a thing of the past. Now Adamari, who is about to turn 50, is a real “mamacita” who can wear whatever she wants because everything just shines on her.

The television presenter herself has given advice on what has served her and how her routine is going. Every day he exercises, runs and eats as healthy as possible. He also released some lymphatic massages that are helping her with weight loss. They cause the body to expel the retained water and also toxins that accumulate. He says that they have focused a lot on working the area of ​​the buttocks, arms, abdomen and legs. This tip was published in his account Facebook (click here)

“Look beautiful. It looks lovely. Adamari doesn’t look her age. She looks 30. Blessings she deserves all the good for how humble she is “,” Bellaaaaa as always !!!!! how she has lost weight… ..wao… .congratulations…. ”,“ Very nice that the V-neckline and fewer long sleeves fit you and you look very good ”,“ Bella, very youthful ”,“ Beautiful, she is an example for us Adamaris “,” Precious, the change has been fabulous “,” Very Beautiful !!! and more with that smile that characterizes her “and” I like that dress. How beautiful, God bless you ”, were part of the beautiful comments left by his most loyal fans on the account of Instagram from the television show.

Obviously, her main accessory was her beautiful smile, which highlights the beautiful green color of her eyes. There is no doubt that Adamari has become an example to follow for many who, like her, have to fight overweight. She succeeded and everyone applauds her consistency.

But she is not only beauty, the Puerto Rican falls in love with her good heart and charisma. Two days ago he published a heartfelt tribute to his mother, who died a victim of cancer. There you could see Alaïa by her side making a flower arrangement to be placed in a corner that the famous woman has in her house with portraits of her mother and from where, whenever she can, she remembers with great affection. All an integral beauty that it has Adamari Lopez.

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