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«It seems that we are going to the slaughterhouse»




As if it were a derby day, the Wanda Metropolitano It bustles with the people of Madrid that this Good Friday are summoned to receive the coronavirus vaccine. Some, dressed in the red-and-white sheepskin; others, with masks stamped with the Real Madrid crest. The fanciest, even, joke with the fact of having to step on the stadium of the eternal rival. But in the Metropolitan this Easter no goals are cheered, you look in the face of hope. All those gathered there, from Madrid between 60 and 65 years old, look for door 34, the one where, even after four hours in line, The AstraZeneca formula awaits you.

The queue at door 10
The queue at door 10 – E. B.

On the walk of fame of Atleti, the nerves and, above all, the long wait marks the day this holiday. An imposing winding row challenge the patience of citizens, who ask each other how the vaccine will affect them. None have doubts: everyone says they want to be vaccinated, but the possible side effects, as well as the fear of infecting once immunized are comments that are repeated. Between them they find answers to their doubts and the line, more than a queue, seems like a gathering in which, yes, no one doubts the formula developed by the University of Oxford.

As the queue progresses, impatience is becoming more and more common. In the final section, where many have had to spend more than an hour and a half walking around the interior of the Metropolitano car park to go outside again and reach gate 34, satiety can be felt. We’ve been down there for over an hour and a half.It seems that we are going to the slaughterhouse instead of getting vaccinated! », Snapped a citizen to a member of the Summa.

The hours pass, and when the clock strikes more than two he does not even stop to eat. Although the members of the Summa take over, vaccination does not stop. Neither are wheelchair transfers for those who cannot move easily or care for citizens who need help. Someone, confused, has to go home without a vaccine because, despite the fact that the Metropolitan only inoculates AstraZeneca, he has been summoned and for medical reasons he is not suitable for the formula. Others ask to speak to a doctor because they mistakenly declined the appointment. «The emotion that it was my turn to be vaccinated and I accidentally gave it up to refuse»He tells the doctor. “I can’t do anything, you have to call or wait for them to quote you again, but it’s not on the list,” he replied.

“It only remains to be patient”

On the other side of the fence of gate 34, where the relatives star in their particular wait, the feeling is repeated. «This is a lack of control, but it only remains to be patient, it is for something good “, commented a man, whose wife was inside, on the phone. “Daughter, we don’t know when your grandmother is going to be vaccinated, eat now and I’ll do it when I get there, it’s three in the afternoon,” said another next to her. The calls are the tonic in the vicinity of the stadium once those mentioned and the companions separate and, although they do not stop, no one knows exactly when they will return home.

At the gates of the vaccination point
At the gates of the vaccination point – E. B.

Just yesterday, the minister Margaret Robles (64 years old), went to the Wanda to receive the vaccine. Regarding the waiting time, the defense minister said that she expected the queue to be “faster.” Robles also took advantage of his turn to defend the Anglo-Swedish formula. «It is also important to highlight that the vaccine is with AstraZeneca. I think it is an important step», He declared in statements to the media.

The challenge, of course, is enormous. During yesterday’s day, also a holiday, the Community of Madrid vaccinated almost 17,000 people in the Holy Week device, which is divided between the Zendal Hospital and the Wanda Metropolitano. Of them, 6,400 were vaccinated at the Atlético de Madrid stadium, where the VIP room, which houses this makeshift vaccination center, has already become the patrimony of all the people of Madrid.

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