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It will change the history of football: learn about the new rules that FIFA is starting to implement

The proposal must be presented to the International Board.

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There will probably be some changes very rough in football that we know. The FIFA began to test some of its possible new regulations in real matches to study their viability. Two 30-minute tempos and kick-insare some of the measures that began to be tested in football.

The new regulation is in an initial phase. However, trials with them are already beginning. The “Laboratory mice” It was the U-19 youth footballers, who were the first to play under these new rules, within the framework of the tournament Future of Football Cup.

The PSV Eindhoven, AZ, RB Leipzig y el Club Brujas They are the teams that are part of the tournament and, therefore, they have been the first to test these new strategies.

What are the new regulations that FIFA wants to implement?

In the first instance, they seek to cut football matches. It would seek to implement two 30 minute halves with the particularity that the clock would stop each time the ball is out of play. This measure seeks to eliminate deliberate losses of time during commitments.

On the other hand, it is being studied that changes are completely unlimited. This rule would be related to the previous one. A greater number of changes would be allowed by not wasting time in making them.

On the other hand, throw-ins will no longer be performed by hand. The new parameters indicate that these dries they will be executed with their feet. In addition, both in the throw-ins and in the corner kicks, the players they will be able to put the ball in play without the need to touch with another teammate. That is, they will be able to go out with the ball dominated.

Finally, the players who are booked with a yellow card, they must leave the field of play for five minutes. However, once they receive the red card, the permanent expulsion is maintained.

These would be the new rules that FIFA wants to implement and which it is already beginning to test. In case any of these new conditions apply, they must first go through the approval of the International Board.

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