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Italian volleyball club sues player over pregnancy

“In Italy there is very little to celebrate and much to fight for parity“, it states Lara lugli on their social networks, alluding to the recent 8M. And it is that the player has been denounced for damages by her own club, the Pordenone, who competed in the B1 series (Second division), because “at the time of signing the contract she was already 38 years old” and, in her opinion, she had to report her “possible desire to get pregnant.”

The Italian club has already reported that it will not pay the salary that it owes its former player because after his departure “he had gone downhill in the championship.” Lugli communicated in March 2019 its pregnancy Alabama Pordenone and he terminated his contract, as she explained herself on social networks. The athlete, currently 41, demanded that the club pay her salary for the month of February of that year, in which she had played and which she had not yet received.

The accusation responds to the desire to hide his intention to have children at the time of signing the contract and, therefore, of “having violated good contractual faith”. His contract expired in the event of “proven pregnancy” and for that reason the club claims compensation, according to the National Athletes Association (ASSIST), dedicated to defending the rights of Italian athletes of different disciplines.

“Although she is not a world-famous player, this cannot be a precedent for future athletes who find themselves in this situation because a pregnant woman cannot harm anyone and must not compensate anyone”, claimed Lugli in a recent statement.

His case has generated controversy in the country and the TO HELP will urge the intervention of the prime minister, Mario draghi, and the president of the National Olympic Committee (CONI), Giovanni Malagò, given the “shameful situation” in which Italian athletes find themselves.

For her part, the deputy of the Democratic Party and former president of the Low camera, Laura Boldrini, has already advanced that it will present a parliamentary interpellation on this case of setback in parity.

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