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Italy begins today to vaccinate in pharmacies and Draghi promises herd immunity in July

Correspondent in Rome



Vaccination in pharmacies began this morning in the Liguria region, northwestern Italy. They are necessary two weeks of training, which will be carried out in part online. After this preparation phase, the pharmacists who wish to do so may vaccinate in the 19,000 pharmacies throughout Italy. They will be paid six euros to inoculate a dose.

Furthermore, the Italian government announced today that lTravelers from European Union countries must also keep a quarantine five days upon arrival, as has been established so far for those traveling from outside the community block. The Executive of Mario Draghi responds in this way to the criticisms of those who criticized that community travelers could freely enter the country while in Italy restrictions persist to move between different regions to prevent infections.

Regarding vaccination in pharmacies, the agreement was announced by the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza: «The vaccination campaign is the real key to closing this difficult period. Today we are taking another important step to make it faster and more extensive. The protocol defines the characteristics that pharmacies must follow: They must have a environment dedicated to vaccination separate from the place of sale; vaccinated people will stay for 15 minutes, as in all centers, to check for side effects to the drug.

The category of pharmacists could directly inject some 200,000 vaccines a day, explain the sources of the Federfarma association. For the director of Civil Protection, Fabrizio Curcio, the supply of vaccines in pharmacies is part of the “rules of war in times of war”, a phrase that gives an idea that the vaccination campaign is, by far, government priority. Some 250,000 people are currently being vaccinated a day. The goal is to reach half a million shortly.

Message of hope

The pandemic data is still very worrying in Italy. On Monday the victims were 417, reaching a total of 108,350 deaths since the beginning of the Covid, according to data from the Ministry of Health. The government recognizes that situation is still very delicateTherefore, restrictive measures will continue, with half of the regions in the red zone, during the month of April. Prime Minister Mario Draghi has said, in a meeting by videoconference with regional presidents, that it is necessary to continue with caution. At the same time, he wanted to send a message of optimism and underline the improvement that is taking place in some regions. Draghi has been confident in having enough vaccines so that herd immunity is reached in July. The prime minister explained that the time has come to “restore hope to the country and begin to have a new taste for the future.”

Mario Draghi, 73, and his wife Maria Serenella Cappello, have been vaccinated with AstraZeneca this morning, at the center located at Termini station in Rome, following your turn established in the vaccination campaign calendar from the Lazio region, whose capital is Rome. This is one of the regions with the most vaccinated people: almost a million, and citizens with 68 and 69 years of age are already beginning to become pregnant to receive the vaccine in April.

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