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Italy | McKennie, the driving force behind Juventus, who preferred football to the NFL

Weston McKennie, (8-28-1998, Texas, USA) is becoming Juventus’ surprise player. He was one of the last incorporations to reach the ranks of Vecchia Signora but the North American has more and more weight on the field and in the dressing room. And that McKennie is not owned by the Italian team, it is only loaned by Schalke.

Juventus Shield / Flag

When Girl was entrusted with the task of being Juventus’ first coach, he had very little time to prepare for the following season. Its destination at first was the Juvenile branch. After a thorough analysis and with Sami Hegira suffering from continuous injury problems asked Fabio Parties, sports director, vice president, Pavel Nerved and president Andrea Agnelli, some muscle for the midfield. McKennie’s name came to the fore and work was done to close his loan. The weather was pressing. Once under Girl’s command, The North American is not finding a rival when it comes to carving a niche in the Turin team. He even scored a great goal against Barcelona in the Champions League (which has been chosen as the best of 2020 by the Bianconera fans). Juve will be able to sign the midfielder for € 18M, a bargain price, according to the promising players currently on the market.

Soccer crossed into a life destined for the NFL

McKennie’s life wasn’t always tied to soccer. Since he was very young he practiced American football in the places where his father, a military man, was stationed. Like Fort Lewis, a military post in Washington. However, Daddy McKennie was posted to the US Air Base in Ramstein, Germany. Little McKennie was only six years old and his dream of one day being a professional in the NFL was in doubt as in Germany it was impossible for him to find teams in which to continue his promising career as a RB or a powerful member of special teams.

Photo by Weston McKennie

So, it was in the Germanic country when soccer crossed, which it no longer left back to the USA. He alternated both sports until he had tdecide, andnd he did it for football. He entered the ranks of the Dallas Academy and then enter to attract the attention of scouts from the quarry of the Schalke, who did not hesitate to recruit him knowledgeable about his childhood in German lands.

That’s when the NFL lost a promising player and soccer won a midfielder. with physique, box to box, which can mark an era in Europe. At the end of the year he was designated as the 2020 American player. The first prize for a career that can be marked by many other accolades. Girl and all the Juventus fans are delighted with the North American’s performance. His intensity, his self-confidence and the new sap that infects the rest of his teammates have made McKennie one of the sensations of Serie A. The experience with the North American has been so good that Juventus has signed his compatriot BryaReynoldsds.

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